3 Quick Hairstyles For Office
3 Quick Hairstyles For Office
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Mornings are generally a frenzied rush for most working women, as there is a lot to do before leaving for work. From making breakfast and packing lunch, to helping the kids get ready for school, time is always a constraint. With all of this chaos it is hard to spend much time on grooming and most women tend to neglect their hairstyling. However, there are ways to ensure that you do not spend much time on grooming, but still look presentable.

There are a number of quick and easy hairstyles that you can use to look great; and why shouldn’t you? Your personal appearance does help boost confidence and will make you feel better about yourself. Here are three quick hairstyles that you can try, to get a stylish look for the office:

3 Quick Hairstyles For Office
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  1. Crisscross low bun

This is a fun hair-styling option and will surely make you look chic and sophisticated. It is quite easy to do up your tresses in a low crisscross bun, if you have thick and long hair.


Separate your hair into three sections. Ensure that the middle section has the larger part of hair and the other two parts have equal amounts. Make the low pony tail, using the middle section and wrap it on the buns using bobby pins. Then, pull the left section of hair over the top of the bun and wrap it under the bun. Repeat the same process, using the right section of hair. With this done, you can now flaunt a gorgeous and professional look.

Also, check out this video tutorial to make braided bun hairstyle that you can wear to your workplace almost everyday.

  1. Side Swept Pony

If you have thick, straight, and shoulder length hair, then there is no better look than the side-swept pony tail. This hairstyle for office will make you look elegant and presentable.


On the crown of the head, section a circle of hair, roughly 4 inches in diameter and then back comb the hair gently. Make a partition towards the side, leaving roughly two or three inches of face-framing hair that can fall down the sides. Neatly brush the hair loose and make a pony. Secure the pony with the thick band. To add some glam to your look, secure some of the hair that was left hanging in the front behind your ear, using a bobby pin.

  1. Zigzag parted pixie

If you have fine, short, and thick hair, then this office hairstyle will surely add to your style quotient.


Use a round brush to blow dry your hair to give it the required volume. Decide on which side you want the parting of your hair and then create a Z-shape partition diagonally, right from the crown of the head. On the side of the partition, tuck the hair behind your ear.

These three office hairstyles will undoubtedly bring out your inner diva, allowing you to look gorgeous and professional, without taking up too much of your time.

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