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Organic products are everywhere these days. Some people think it is a fad, a phase that will pass by. When it comes to organic beauty some even question if they are as potent and effective as their non-organic counterparts? Knowledge is wealth and when you make an informed decision you will know the results are worth the wait.

While I do use chemically laden skincare, I am consciously trying to add more natural organic products in my routine – here are some of the reasons I find compelling for switching to organic / natural skincare.

  • Our skin absorbs a big chunk of the products we use. Knowing that what I am using ends up not just superficially on the skin but also gets absorbed into my body and bloodstream made me want to avoid toxic products in my skin care.
  • Effeciency – Speedy results doesn’t mean that a product is effective. You still need to weigh the possible side effects it may have. While natural organic products may take longer to show results they are better for your skin as well the environment.
  • Say bye-bye to harmful chemicals like SLS and parabens. While organic skin care products have a shorter shelf life they are void of harmful chemicals.
  • No artificial fragrance – maybe this is just me, but I am not a big fan of products which have artificial fragrance. And when it comes to natural skin care you smell exactly what is in the ingredients and nothing extra.
  • Less harmful – organic doesn’t always mean there are no side effects. You still need to figure out what suits your skin, your allergies, possible irritants etc. But they are better for you in the long run.
  • Now that I’ve told you the possible reasons why you should consider switching to organic skin care – here is one brand I recently came across that is made right here in my homeland of Tamil Nadu – Yami Herbals.

Yami Herbals Products


Based out of Tamil Nadu Yami Herbals makes 100% natural homemade beauty products. The products are inspired by traditional skincare beauty recipes of South India and are made in small batches to keep them pure, fresh and effective. Not only are their products effective there are also affordable.


I tried two of their products – Yami Herbals Homemade Traditional Hair Oil and Skin Brightening Face Pack.

Yami Herbals Homemade Traditional Hair Oil

Yami Herbals Traditional Hair Oil
Yami Herbals Traditional Hair Oil

This comes with the goodness of curry leaves, amla, small onions, bhrami leaves, aloevera, neem leaves, moringa leaves, hibiscus leaves and bhringraj.

Curry leaves are rich in Vitamin B, which are essential for overall hair health and hair growth. Amla helps minimize greying and hair loss and encourages healthy hair growth. Onions, which are a great source of Sulphur help, minimize thinning and hair breakage. Bhrami leaves have regenerative properties and helps hair growth.

The oil comes in a plastic bottle with a small opening to remove the oil. The oil has a strong aroma – but this is something very common with organic hair oil. You can smell the goodness of all the ingredients in the oil. For those of you who haven’t read my hair fall stories – I suffer from hair fall issues. This is partly due to hereditary reasons, changes in water and let’s not forget my least favourite stress. I use the oil without warming because I am lazy to heat it up, but I do try to massage it into my scalp and hair for as long as I can. After using the hair oil 4-5 times I noticed that my hair looked softer and more manageable. I didn’t change anything else in my hair care routine, so it is definitely the oil that is doing its wonders. I also noticed that I had fewer hair strands falling. The last 10 days I haven’t had the time to use the hair oil as my life has been going crazy with no time for me to do anything. While my hair doesn’t look as nourished as it did when I used the oil, it hasn’t gone back to crazy town, and I am glad about this. P.S. even though I’ve used only two Yami Herbals products this is my favourite.

Yami Herbals Skin Brightening Face Pack 

Yami Herbals Skin Brightening Face Pack
Yami Herbals Skin Brightening Face Pack

I love the sun and I hate it at the same time. My hometown of Chennai likes to get hot, crazy hot and when coupled with skipping applying / reapplying sunscreen it means one thing – tanned dull looking skin. This is me every summer! During my school and college days, I used to make my own ubtans and use it on my face and body. These help remove tan, dead skin and brighten the skin overall.

The powder face pack is made from badam, pista, whole green gram, cinnamon, orange peel, aavarampoo, cucumber seeds, samba wheat, oats, potato starch, fengreek, vetriver, multani mitti and pudina leaves. To use the pack – mix it with curd or milk and apply the paste all over your face and neck. Leave it on for 10 mins – scrub and wash off. One of the best things about ubtans is that they work as cleanser, mask and scrub all in one and they are great for the skin. With continued use, I noticed that my skin looked healthier. I had fewer breakouts and pesky blackheads and slowly I was going back to my pre-tan phase. I used this face pack on alternate days and I alternated between using curd and milk. On days when my skin felt drier, I added a bit of raw honey to make the mask more hydrating. With natural skincare, one has to remember that to see long-lasting results one needs to be consistent, but the results are worth the wait!

Yami hair oil is priced at Rs. 180 and the brightening face pack is priced at Rs. 150/-.

To order Yami Herbals products you can reach them on their instagram page @yamiherbals


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  1. This is nice. I am a huge fan of organic products. I tell people I am #TEAMNATURAL. Hahaha, I hope this doesn’t sound cliche! I’ve read about this product but haven’t used it. Perhaps would give it a trial and see what it does for me.

    Thank you!

  2. Thanks you so much for the detailed review and listing out ingredients of products and their respective benefits. Shall try Yami herbals

  3. I love trying out organic face masks but usually they are all quite expensive. Khadi products are my favourite because they are effective and not expensive too. Yami products sound similar. Shall try!

  4. The products that you have tried sound promising.. Will check their other products too. I would any day prefer organic products for my skin and hair.

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