Hair PRP

Women of all ages, ethnicity and nationalities share one thing in common – they love their hair. Hair is often seen as a reflection of one’s personality, a window into one’s identity, and there is no woman who would undermine the importance of feeling and looking her best. This is true to the extent that a bad hair day is equated with a bad day entirely: when a woman feels her hair is too fine, too dry, too frizzy, or falling out, she experiences a negative impact on her confidence and self-esteem.

It’s often assumed and accepted that men will lose their hair after a certain point in life but contrary to popular belief, this is equally true for women as well. However, in the case of women, hair fall tends to take a strong emotional toll, with adverse psychological effects. Thus, it is best to tackle the problem at an early stage and avoid waking up one day to realize an increasing patch of scalp replacing your once-upon-a-time thick hair growth. Hair loss isn’t the result of any one factor and every scalp is different so it is important to first understand, examine and investigate the reasons behind excessive hair fall.

Medically speaking, the term Alopecia is used to describe hair loss. Alopecia can be of different kinds, caused by a host of different factors. As a result, the treatment must also be custom to your condition. Widely trusted and credible hair clinics such as Aayna provide FDA approved treatments that are specially designed to aid healthy hair growth for women with special emphasis given to hair regeneration. Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP Hair loss Treatment is especially renowned for being non-surgical, super effective yet bereft of side effects. What makes PRP unique is that it uses your own blood to aid the regeneration of hair follicles.

Another barrier to beautiful hair faced by millions of women is hair thinning. It can be caused by hormonal imbalance, age-related hair loss, thyroid disorders, unhealthy dietary habits, autoimmune diseases or fever along with other acute or chronic diseases. Hair thinning causes loss of luster and makes the hair dry, dull and easily breakable. To tackle hair thinning before it gets more severe and hampers your self-esteem, head to Aayna for specialized treatments such as Mesotherapy, Root Deep, and Rene Futerer and take a step closer to owning beautiful hair that you’ve always dreamed of.


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  1. Due to health issues mere baal bahut thin n dry ho gaye hain
    Accha hai ki ab aise special clinics bhi aa gaye hain ??
    Thanks for sharing dear ??

  2. Taking care of hair is the most important thing for me, this hair treatments sounds worth it

  3. I didn’t know women face severe hairfall too. Hair care is so important.