When the hair decides to say bye-bye | My hair loss story

My Hair Loss Story

Sometimes it is hard to accept the truth; it’s easier to believe in a lie. But the truth still exists. I’m not one who is too particular on looks. Hell, most days I step out just wearing sunscreen. But that doesn’t mean I don’t take care of myself. I’ve been having hair loss for a very long time. Initially it was the stress at work, and then irregular eating came along due to long work hours, lack of sleep and the list continued. This along with the hereditary factor of having scanty hair it became obvious I was starting to lose hair and at an alarming rate.

I always oil and wash my hair. I continued that and ensured I did it religiously. I tried my best to eat on time and eat more healthily. While there was a reduction in the hair loss it was still less, and more and more people started noticing my hair was thinning. I’ve tried so many things that I wouldn’t know where to start. Most made my hair soft but had very little effect on hair growth. Some people genuinely gave suggestions as to what worked for them, while some just pointed out the fact. The bottom line, it wasn’t something I wanted to experience. I was starting to lose hope when a friend suggested a go see a dermatologist / trichologist. I was a little skeptical, especially after having read about so many people’s experience going bad after starting treatment. But my friend assured me things wouldn’t go wrong, moreover the doctor was his family friend. With doubt still in my heart, I went to see the trichologist and started my treatment.

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Least to say I was nervous for my first appointment and I hoped that there would be some good news. The tricologist examined my scalp and after asking a bunch of questions on my lifestyle, eating habits, hereditary, he started explaining my situation. He said what I was experiencing was early pattern female baldness. I was put a little off with the word baldness. 20 something losing hair and baldness – I was shocked. He then started explaining how this has become common nowadays. He later went on to prescribe medication for me. I was given multivitamins that I should consume once everyday, and a hair spray and foam to be used everyday. He explained that most of these products will initially cause hair loss – as in the hair strands which are very weak will start the fall, and then slowly new hair will start growing. You have to remember that with any of these hair growth treatments the process is slow. One to 2 months into the process baby hair started showing up and my overall hair started to look better. People started asking me what I was doing to my hair, and a few of them went to see the doctor as well.

I slowly started to gain my confidence back. I don’t have thick luscious hair, my hair is still scanty and I do get envious at times looking at people with a thick head of hair. But I’m glad that it’s not as bad as it used to be.

Image Source: Designed by Freepik
Image Source: <Designed by Freepik

Current status: I have been doing this treatment for almost 2 years and there is definitely difference, my hair fall has reduced drastically but the hair growth seems less now. It seems to have sort of stagnated. On my last checkup the doctor mentioned that at times additional boost is required to get the hair growing. I will be soon getting my first ever PRP hair session this month and if required I would also have to use dermarollers on the scalp. Both of these will help increase blood flow and aid in hair growth. This will be in addition to the hair oils and natural masks I use. I will keep all of you posted on my development and next time around I will be posting pictures of my progress.

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  1. Girl I feel you, I lost most of my hair due to hormonal issues ( prolactin ) as I had suffered from symptoms of prolactinoma in 2012 and its medications had an adverse affect on me. Since then its an ongoing battle for me. But did you check with your doctor that if you stop the medications, then it would affect or not. Because I have heard that when a lady plans to have a baby all these kind of medications need to stop. Once these hair treatment medication stops, it’s back to square one it seems.

    1. That depends on the kind of medication you opt for. And there are lots of alternates available. I am taking general multi vitamins which boost health and the hair spray activates and trigger the hair roots to start working.

  2. This is very helpful 🙂 I also went to see a trichologist when I felt that my hair is falling a lot (now I realize it was just natural hairfall) and the vitamins & medication definitely helped me get baby hair on a part of my forehead where hair wasn’t there before. However the baby hairs grow very slowly 🙁 Any idea how long it takes to get them to chin length ?
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    1. That’s hard to say Lana. I don’t have a thick head of hair, but still my hair grows fast. It’ll vary from person to person and your nutritional intake.

  3. I’m glad your hair has started to recover. I experienced major hair loss with my first childbirth and the following breastfeeding period. I had very obvious bold spots where you could actually see the skin on my scalp! And the general quality of my hair was very poor. I also tried a large amount of dedicated products, vitamins, etc. and had no luck. It took almost 2 years to my hair to regrow but it never recovered completely. With my second childbirth, I was more prepared, I took vitamins during pregnancy, I can say that pregnancy hormones are hair’s best friend. Obviously, my pregnant-hair was thick, shiny, voluminous and a lot! I decided to change my hair game completely during pregnancy I went almost no-shampoo. Washing my hair only once per week I obtained amazing results! Hairloss started, nevertheless, three months after giving birth and this time was massive! But I started using a hair spray by Klorane with Quinine, hairloss stopped almost immediately, I’d say within one week of daily use I was loosing almost no hair at all, even when brushing my hair and after six weeks I started seeing little baby hair growing on my bold spots! For me it was unbelievable! Considering my previous experience I totally endorse the succes to the Klorane product.

    1. That’s really nice to hear Natalia. I’ll add this to my US shopping list and will ask friends coming from there to pick it up for me. Thanks for the information.

  4. Me too facing the same issue, don’t know the exact reason behind my extreme hair fall. The middle of my head is almost going bald 🙁 Sometimes I think its due to hard water and sometimes I think its something else! Even I was skeptical of visiting Trichologist, but it seems they are not that bad. I think I must visit them without worrying too much. Thanks for sharing your story Sangeeta 🙂
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    1. Thanks Anamika. Do a reach on the tricologist and do give a visit. I was skeptical, now I am glad that I went. And hard water also plays a part. There are so many hindrances these days 🙁

  5. Hey! I am really sorry to hear about that. I know how it feels losing hair and becoming the center of attention due to it. Just last summer, I experienced massive hair fall, I cried, I panicked and opted for a shorter cut. My hair has grown considerably now but I can’t keep them long because they fall in clumps then. I have started drinking plenty of water and have started eating lots of fruits. I would highly recommend you to eat Biotin rich food and eat Almonds which are rich in Biotin. I sincerely hope that your case becomes solved as soon as possible. Take care. 🙂
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    1. Thank you. I am consuming a handful of almonds every day and trying to increase my protein intake as well. Hoping for the best. And hey having short hair has its benefits 😀

  6. I’m experiencing thinning of hair and nothing seems to work. It’s high time I need to see a trichologist!

  7. Sangeeta what you suffered then, I am suffering the same now. I have too much hairfall and I am so scared that it they continue to fall at such rate then I am going to be bald one day. I am too skeptical about vising a doctor. But now after reading your article I am prepared to visit once. Thanks for sharing your story here 🙂
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    1. Thanks Yasmin. I will keep this in mind. I have just got a PRP session done and started a modified treatment. Will know in 2-3 months if this is working.

  8. I have the same problem. But when I started eating dates, the hair fall seems to nearly stop. I’m not talking about the lion dates. Those don’t work at all. My parents got me those dates from Oman that you can buy from nuts and spices stores. But whenever I stop eating them for a more than a couple of weeks, the hair fall starts off again. Give it a try and let me know if you see any good changes 🙂
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  9. Last year I faced same situation and couple of people pointed me too. It was due to extreme stress and low iron. I am happy hair fall stopped with few dietary and product changes but new hair growth did not happen. I am day in and day out to work out something herbal to get my long luscious hair back. 🙂
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  10. So glad its working for you.. I & my mom are experiencing hair thinning & hairfall. Like 1.5 years back I never had even a single strand fall but now my volume has noticeably reduced. Please share the details of your trichologist its high time I got this issue checked, since I’m from chennai I wanna get the doc’s consultation.

  11. I believe hair fall and hair loss are the two things that can just push most people towards stress, mental tension, and what not. I remember when nothing was able to stop my hair fall — I went insane! IT’s great that you’ve been courageous throughout, and I wish you luck in your treatment. 🙂
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  12. Thanks a lot for sharing this.. I have a similar story and its extremely harrowing & has taken a toll on my personality & prevents me from being more outgoing.. Considering a lot of us go through this, we need to talk about this more. How has PRP worked for you? does the new growth stay on or fall off? I am contemplating PRP but really scared of the process and have a hard time finding a good doc

    1. I’ve had 2 PRP sessions. Their is definitely hair growth but any process is slow as the hair has to go through its growth cycle. I have seen an overall reduction in hair fall. I’ve had 2 PRP sessions, while you don’t see most of what is happening the experience isn’t pleasant. But as long as it working I am more than willing to give it a try.

  13. Me second you Sangee, I have terrible hairfall and my work routine doesn’t let me spend much time for some TLC. I love my hair so much and my hair is just 1\4th of what I had 5 years back! it grows long but never thick 🙁 Guess its high time I visit a trichologist too. Do you mind sharing the doctor’s info (would be helpful as Im located in Chennai too)?

  14. I am suffering from extreme hair fall for about a year now. Can you please tell me the results of your prp sessions?
    How is your hair now? How often do you have to go for these sessions?

    1. Hi I got 2 sessions done, but I definitely need to get more. There is definitely a change in the growth of hair but it takes time to see results. On the number and frequency of sessions, your trichologist will tell you depending on how your hair is.

      1. Hi sangeeta !
        Thanks for replying. I am glad the treatment worked for you.
        Actually I wanted to just know one more thing, how painful is this process?

        1. The experience isn’t entirely pain-free. The doctor may use a numbing cream or injection but you will feel something. In the end it comes down to your tolerance of pain.

      2. Hi sangeeta!
        Thanks for replying.
        I have just one last question for you. I am really worried about my hairfall and hence these silly questions. Sorry for troubling.
        Do the results of the therapy fade out after a time, I mean does this therapy make your hair feel stronger, like is this a permanent solution for the hairfall issue? I am asking for your opinion on this.

        1. Your hair goes through a natural cycle or hair growth and hair fall so you will always keep seeing changes. And this doesn’t make your hair stronger per say but rather it encourages hair follicles which are almost dead back to life and gives them the nourishment to regrow.

          I am happy with my experience and I need to and will get more sessions done to help me out.