What is a Dermaroller and How Can it Benefit Your Skin?


Dermaroller is a common name for a skincare process called micro-needling. Although, there are micro-needling devices that are more like pens or stamps than rollers as well. But, if you have certain skin problems, a Dermaroller treatment might be a great option for you.

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The Ins and Outs of Dermaroller Treatment

A Dermaroller is a device shaped like a small paint roller. It is covered in needles that are typically no more than 2.0mm long. They can be as short as .05mm. The purpose of a Dermaroller treatment is to roll the device over the skin. As it is rolled over the treatment area, the needles will punch tiny holes in the skin. That does two things. First, it can encourage the body’s natural healing processes. Second, it can create a conduit, allowing serums and creams to be delivered to lower skin layers in a more efficient way.

If you have used cosmetic laser equipment before to treat skin problems or been told that you aren’t a good candidate for laser treatment, you will be glad to know that Dermaroller treatments can do a lot of the same things that lasers can do. They can be used to reverse minor sun damage and scars. They can also be used to treat crow’s feet and minor wrinkles. Their diversity is part of what makes them such popular choices among those who want healthier, younger looking skin.

Dermaroller Treatments Can be Done at Home

Another thing that makes Dermaroller so popular is that it can be done at home. There are kits available that you can buy in drugstores and department stores. You can also purchase them online. But you should be aware that clinical Dermaroller procedures are almost always going to work better than at-home procedures. Clinics typically use different needles that are more effective, and they also offer the benefit of trained technicians that can specialize your treatment.

If you are going to do a Dermaroller treatment at home, you need to develop and stick to a routine. It will take repeated treatments before you will see any difference in the condition of your skin. During each treatment, you should wash your skin thoroughly first. Then you can apply a numbing serum to it. After you use the Dermaroller itself, you should rinse and cleanse your face. Then you can apply Vitamin C serum or another recommended medicated cream to help your skin heal.

Be Sure to Provide Healing Time Between Dermaroller Treatments

Regardless of whether you perform Dermaroller procedures on yourself at home or make a clinic appointment, you will need multiple treatments. The trick is scheduling them far enough apart. Even though some at-home kits say that you can use them up to twice a week, that’s not really recommended. You need to give your skin time to repair itself between treatments. Otherwise, you will never see the results you want or know how effective the treatments actually are.

Dermaroller Side Effects You Should Expect

Since Dermaroller pokes holes in the skin, you should expect some bleeding and redness immediately after the procedure, whether it’s done at home or in a clinic. Repeated Dermaroller treatments can also make your skin dry out a bit. So, most clinics will recommend that you use a good moisturizer, such as one that contains coconut oil. If you have concerns about other possible side effects, supervised clinical treatment may be a better option than treating yourself at home.

Editor’s Note

I have personally undergone dermaroller treatments for the scars on my skin and to help in hair growth.

Dermaroller for skin: I developed very bad acne scarring on my skin after a botched facial. My skin was constantly breaking out after the facial and almost every bump turned into a scar. I tried a lot of at-home treatments and while they did help in lightening the scars, the pitted skin was still there. I decided to seek professional help and I was suggested to undergo 4 sitting of dermaroller as a great way to get rid of acne scars. While the pitted scars haven’t fully vanished yet they definitely aren’t as bad as they were and I am definitely going to do another set of sittings to help my skin. Since dermarollers act by tricking the skin to believe it is injured and causing natural collagen production it is very safe and doesn’t have any side effects. P.S. Dermaroller also helps tighten the skin and is also great for people with fine lines.

Dermaroller for hair: I had earlier talked about my experience with hairfall. How stress, changes in diet, hereditary conditions and constant change in water caused my hair to fall and look rather baldy. I was undergoing topical treatment and while it helped my Tricologist suggested dermaroller to further help in penetration of ingredients and further boost hair growth. I definitely have seen a progress and while the difference isn’t dramatic I am glad I am slowly moving to slightly thicker and healthier hair.

Are you interested in trying out Dermaroller treatments? Do let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I have huge amount of wrinkles on my face and using of this rolling process would be effective. I will definitely give it a try. Thanks for sharing.

  2. As a rule, remember to take your makeup off before bed and resist picking at your skin.

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