Wella SP Hydrate Shampoo & Conditioner

The journey to finding the perfect hair care range is a long and twisted one that seems never-ending. But the fact is you cannot use just one product all the time as our hair keeps changing with climate, water, heat exposure with tools that we use and overall hair care. While I have a few products I keep going back to like The Body Shop Banana Hair Conditioner or Kama Ayurveda’s Hair Care range I am always on the lookout for shampoos and hair masks which hydrate my dry tresses without weighing out my fine scanty hair.

On one of my searches, I was recommended Wella Sp’s Hydrate Shampoo and Mask to cleanse my oily scalp while leaving my dry hair nourished.


SHAMPOO: Wella SP Hydrate Shampoo claims to “Effectively moisturize dry hair”.

Let me start off by saying that I love the colour combination of the packaging. There isn’t anything wonderful about the packaging but it is practical to use and works well during travel as well. Now, let’s get into the review of the shampoo. My scalp tends to get greasy and oily very easily and I found that this shampoo does a good job of cleaning my scalp and making my tresses look luscious. While it is effective in cleansing it does leave my hair with a bit of frizz. The frizz is a bit of an issue for me as I have short hair and a lot of baby hairs and if I don’t ensure I use a deep conditioning mask and/or serum while using this shampoo I might end up becoming a frizzy head. But, thankfully this only lasts a day as my hair gets oily the very next day. I am not sure if I am thankful to the humid Chennai climate for getting rid of the frizz or if I should hate it because it ends up leaving my hair super flat. To tackle the frizz, I found that it is best to use this shampoo after oiling the hair. In some ways, this seems contradictory to the product name, which states the product hydrates.

Wella SP Hydrate Shampoo

Even though this shampoo is not meant to remove dandruff it does work if you do not have major scaly scalp issues. The fragrance is mild and pleasing. What I wasn’t very keen about this shampoo was the price. It is priced at Rs. 1200 for 250ml. Since I have short hair it lasts a long time but nonetheless, this isn’t easy on the wallet. For people who do not like to use shampoos with SLS, I am afraid this one isn’t for you.

Wella SP Hydrate Shampoo & Conditioner

CONDITIONER: Wella SP Hydrate Hair Mask claims to “Intensively moisturizing treatment without overloading”.

The conditioner comes in an easy to use tub packaging which makes it easy to scoop out of the necessary quantity of the hair mask. While my hair tends to lack shine and does feel dry, it isn’t super dry and even then I needed quite a bit of product in order to help make my hair look healthy. I leave it on for about 3-5 mins which is my maximum and it manages to hydrates my hair and gives it a nice volume and shine. My husband who has super dry hair claimed it really did nothing despite leaving it on for a few minutes. I know men like products that work in seconds but he did try using it for a couple of minutes and while it did hydrate his hair it was very subtle. In order to get better results, he would need to oil his hair first before using the shampoo and conditioner, and let’s face it no one has the time for that every time.

Wella SP Hydrate Conditioner

Overall this is a decent haircare range and I would recommend it to those who have fairly good hair without too many issues and are okay with the higher price tag.



  • Cleanses scalp well
  • Gets rid of mild dandruff
  • Smells refreshing
  • Lathers well for people who like lather
  • Easy to use flip packaging


  • Tub packaging makes it easy to scoop out the necessary product
  • Has a mild but very refreshing fragrance



  • Expensive
  • Can leave the hair quite frizzy


  • Expensive
  • Requires a lot of quantity for each use
  • Not as effective on super dry hair

Overall verdict: 3/5 for the shampoo & 3/5 for the hair mask buy online on Amazon

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  1. I love Wella.. I have used it personally and will recommend all my friends to use if they are looking to repair damaged dry hair.. you should pair it with conditioner for best results

  2. I love these products , have been using them for quite some time ! They are mild and do work on the tiny bit of dandruff I get sometimes .The tub packaging of the conditioner always helps

  3. My hair is dry,frizzy already so I don’t think this shampoo work on me but I think my hubby will love it. Wella products are expensive,that’s make me think to buy it

  4. 3 stars means a pretty okay product. My hair has turned a tad sensitive so i am not sure if i should be using these products or no. But love how honestly you have reviewed.

  5. Well expensive or what I will try this shampoo and conditioner duo cause they seem to be effective on frizzy hairs. Surely trying them soon

  6. Love your honest reviews, will keep coming back for more. Definitely not getting this. Have a hard time with frizz in this humidity!

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