Wai Lana’s Alive Forever Video – An Unique Insight To Get Rid Of Anxiety of Aging

Wai Lana

Yoga is said to be a pathway to inner happiness and peace, which not only makes you happy and healthy from the inside, the same also radiates outsides making for a holistic approach. There are so many wonderful people advocating Yoga and its benefits. Here is a beautiful musical rendition by Wai Lana on all that Yoga has to offer. Remember people happy-in happy-out, embrace life and all the little things it offers you including the pesky freckle you don’t like.

The year 2016 hosted a special yoga celebration with Wai Lana’s blissful and inspiring music video. Produced by Wai Lana herself, the Alive Forever short film is a remarkable addition to the 2nd International Yoga Day celebrations. Wai Lana’s Alive Forever music video is full of encouragement to seek inner happiness and never get worried about being old. The music video is filled with dazzling motions and scenes which create a great coherence with the music and the lyrics… “…calm is my mind and at peace.”

About Wai Lana: a great yoga teacher who is devoted to making people’s life happier and healthier through her priceless yoga wisdom. Just like the previous Namaste music video which was released in 2015 for the first ever Yoga Day celebrations, the Alive Forever video is a yoga meditation and is meant to create everlasting inner happiness among people of all ages. The 2016 Yoga Day short film is breathtaking to watch! Wai Lana is amazing in the video; warmly dressed with floral wreaths and beautiful vocals that depict of her rich wisdom in spiritual wholeness and everlasting calmness.

Watching the Alive Forever video is a priceless experience of peace, calmness and happiness. The music video opens up with cliffy beachfront scenery, breaking sea waves and then extends to blossoming pink cherry and tranquil cityscape. The video boosts synchronized vocals, soothing soundtracks and spectacular surroundings. Being happy in life by recognizing that we are eternal spiritual beings is one of the precious teachings in yoga. The Alive Forever short film effectively brings up the iconic yoga wisdom; inspiring everyone to seek happiness and richness of life at any point of your life, even in old age.

This is a guest post by Satyan Misra on the richness of life


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