V Care Herbal Hair Wash & Conditioner

Good things happen by chance. I picked up V Care Herbal Hair Wash & Conditioner by mistake. I thought I was picking 2 packs of Henna, when I came home to my surprise there was this pack of herbal hair wash and conditioner.

The product claims to “An innovative herbal formula that cleanses and conditions your scalp. The powder when applied as a pack conditions your hair. It imparts a cooling effect to your scalp as well. It also cleanses your hair completely removing dirt, dust and excess oil and makes your hair soft and silky.”

V Care Herbal Hair Conditioner_Main


V Care Herbal Hair Wash & Conditioner is a great hair care product and it comes with the goodness of 12 herbs. I have used it as a hair wash and as a conditioner / hair pack. As a hair wash it works similar to Shikakai. Mix it with water and work it into the hair. It cleanses the hair well. It is difficult to fully wash it out of the hair. I suggest to not focus on this, as it falls off once your hair dries. You can use the hair wash on oiled hair as well. But it will take some time to remove the oil. Keep working it into your hair for sometime and then wash off.

V Care Herbal Hair Conditioner_Back

As a hair mask/conditioner mix it with water, apply it on your hair for about 15 minutes, wash-off and towel dry your hair. I have noticed that this adds volume and bounce to my hair. It adds a little shine to hair. Overall, I am very happy I stumbled on this product. I wish it were as easily available. Hoping to stumble on this again.

V Care Herbal Hair Conditioner_Swatch


  • Works as a hair wash and conditioner
  • Removes oil from hair
  • Adds volume and bounce to hair
  • Adds little shine to hair
  • Contains goodness of 12 herbs


  • Not easily available
  • Takes time to remove oil from hair


PRICE: Rs. 55/- for 100 gms available on AMAZON

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  1. Looks all natural and good… For conditioning, do you use after shampooing like usual conditioner or before shampooing like a hair pack on dry hair?

    1. Being a natural powdery product this needs to be worked in a bit to be effective against oils. But for everything else it does I don’t mind spending the extra time.

      1. It is true that it takes time to remove the oil….but i have an idea for that….mix just a very little amount of vcare shikakkai paste…and it removes the oil…really well…trust me guys its really awesome.. than using only vcare shikakai paste or hair wash powder seperately…☺?

  2. I’ve been using v care herbal hair wash conditioner. It’s a very good hair care product and makes hair silky.

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