Triclenz Hair Cleanser | Review

Triclenz Hair Cleanser

I haven’t used too many medicated products. When I had visited a dermatologist / trichologist for my hair fall he had recommended a mild shampoo Triclenz Hair Cleanser that I could use everyday. He claimed it would be gentle on my hair. Read more to find out how it fared.

The product claims to “TRICLENZ is a specially formulated hair cleanser that is gentle on hair yet effective in cleansing. Unlike normal shampoos that dry and dull the hair, TRICLENZ has special ingredients that restore the moisture in the hair and makes your hair shine.

TRICLENZ softens the cuticles and moisturizes the flaky scalp. It improves hair manageability as it reduces fly away hair.

Triclenz Hair Cleanser

My Experience with Triclenz Hair Cleanser

Triclenz Hair Cleanser comes in a simple squeeze tube format. The shampoo has a pale white colour with a mild fragrance. I was quite impressed with this shampoo from the first use. My hair felt soft and more manageable. It also managed to reduce any flyaway. It’s a very neutral shampoo, as in it didn’t dry out my hair nor did it weigh it down. I have used this with oil and without oiling my hair. I find it works best on hair without oil. If you oil your hair you might have to wash it more than once to remove the oil residue. While this didn’t reduce my hair fall much it didn’t increase it either.

Triclenz Hair Cleanser

Triclenz Hair Cleanser is not as easily available and can mostly be found only in pharmacies. It is also loaded with silicones and sulphates. I read reviews where in this product caused user’s scalp to become dry and hair to fall out further. Thankfully I didn’t experience anything like this. But I should also mention that I stopped using other hair products to check its effectiveness. Apart from these I’m quite impressed with this shampoo. But would I buy it again – maybe not. I’m trying to move away from products with silicones.

Triclenz Hair Cleanser

The Good

  • Gentle on the hair
  • Soften tresses
  • Makes hair manageable and reduces flyaway
  • Doesn’t dry out or weigh down hair
  • Can be used everyday
  • Washes off easily

The Bad

  • Loaded with silicones & sulphates
  • Not as effective in removing oil
  • Availability issue

Overall verdict:  3.5 / 5

Price: Rs. 205/- for 150 ml

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    1. I didn’t experience any bad effects. If you were to look at it most brands contain silicones and sulphates.

    1. Thanks Aditi. I used this shampoo today and my hair looks nice. Very rare for my hair to behave, but with this it seems to work.

    1. I was thinking the same. But silicones and parabens seem to be almost everywhere making it hard not impossible, but hard to get away from.

    1. It maintains the hair. Didn’t make it worse. But I barely found a difference in terms of hair fall.

    1. Thanks Zubaida. My hair does behave with this. But the availability and some of the cons are glaring.

  1. I haven’t tried this shampoo and it does not completely remove oil from hair means big NO NO for me 🙂 nice review

    1. That’s definitely the best way to go. Do you have any favorite hair and skin care product with is void of silicons and parabens?

    1. Don’t think this can do much for dandruff. However, it didn’t weigh down my hair or make it sticky.

    1. Thanks Anjali. It’s available only in pharmacies so it is hard to know about this brand.

    1. Thanks Natasha. Loaded with chemicals and doesn’t easily work on oil, this seems to be a big no-no with many.