TRESemme Ionic Strength Conditioner | Review

TRESemme Ionic Strength Conditioner

There are lots of words being thrown around for hair care these days and one that has been repeated a lot is ions or ionic. This could be in the form of coating on your hair styling products or a key ingredient in your hair care product. In TRESemme Ionic Strength Conditioner ionic complex is a key ingredient for nourishing your hair. Read more to find out how it fared.

The product claims to “TRESemmé Ionic Strength conditioner contains Salon Grade Ionic Complex, which helps restore and nourish your hair, reinforcing protection from damage. Gentle enough for daily use, it makes your hair strong and healthy like you have just stepped out of the salon.

*Based on lab test of TRESemmé Ionic Strength system vs. non conditioning shampoo.”

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TRESemme Ionic Strength Conditioner

My Experience with TRESemme Ionic Strength Conditioner

I’ve been using TRESemme hair care products on and off since they were launched. I love the way they make my hair feel, but what I never liked about their range is that they are loaded with chemicals. Let’s forget that point and focus on what is great about this conditioner.

TRESemme Ionic Strength Conditioner comes in a white bottle with a black flip open cap. The conditioner is white in colour and very creamy. It spreads on the hair very easily and evenly. I leave it on for 2-3 minutes before rinsing off to reveal soft and smooth hair. The sweet floral fragranced conditioner also adds a good amount of volume and shine to the hair. What I love about TRESemme hair care products is their pricing and availability. They are easily available and the pricing is very affordable for the quantity provided.

TRESemme Ionic Strength Conditioner

Chemicals and silicones are one of the key no-no’s of this conditioner. If you are someone who is keen on using silicone-free conditioner you better skip TRESemme Ionic Strength Conditioner. I have fine scanty hair and I have noticed that if I use a little extra conditioner my hair tends to look limp and weighed down very easily. You will be able to figure out the quantity required in a couple of washes. Overall this is a decent conditioner to try out. For best results you this along with TRESemme Ionic Strength Shampoo.

The Good

  • Softens and smoothens tresses
  • Easily available
  • Easy to use packaging
  • Affordable
  • Spreads on the hair easily
  • Has a mild sweet floral fragrance
  • Adds volume and shine to hair

The Bad

  • If extra conditioner is used it can weigh down hair
  • Loaded with silicones
  • Loaded with chemicals

Overall verdict:  4 / 5

Price: Rs. 90/- for 85 ml

TRESemme Ionic Strength Range: Buy Here

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  1. My primary reason I never used tresseme is because of its silicone. Silicone makes hair appear smooth and silky even when it is not healthy. Too much silicone can cause dandruff too plus causes buildup on scalp, face or back. Nice shampoo if the above factor is ignored. Well reviewed Sangeeta. 🙂
    Ankita recently posted…DIY hand creamMy Profile

    1. I keep switching my hair care products. Hence I’ve never faced issues with build up. But like you mentioned it definitely isn’t something you can ignore.

  2. Hi Sangeeta.I have used Tresemme products but I feel the Tresemme products available here in India are not as good as the Tresemme products available abroad,mainly America.I haved used both of the versions and I feel that the American bought product was far better than the Indian one.I stopped using the Indian one because its loaded with chemicals and it did weigh down my hair a lot.Nice review.
    Yamini recently posted…Mac Brick-O-La Lipstick Review and SwatchesMy Profile

    1. I’ve never really had the opportunity to try the US version. Wish there was some way I could get my hands on it. I love the Indian version itself, wonder how I’d feel for the better US variant.

  3. I’ve tried the shampoo from this range and it was too good except the usual chemicals. For conditioner, I prefer natural based ones since silicons are damaging.

    1. My hair is partially curvy and tends to get frizzy, so this works perfectly for me. Wish my hair was straighter – it would definitely mean lesser maintenance.

    1. You can always switch to a silicone free product for sometime to avoid any product build up. And yes, like you mentioned chemical free products are still scarce.

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