Trendy hairstyles to try this monsoon

Come monsoons and hair goes for a toss. With the rainy season comes the dreaded frizz, which aggravates with the humidity. Nothing works and ultimately most of us are left with only one option – to go under the scissors. But not anymore. If you have long hair that gets unmanageable during monsoon, we have a slew of hairstyles for rainy season that are simple yet trendy and can be tried at home without much fuss.


To escape humidity and sweating, the best way is to tie the hair but in style. The side-braided ponytail is one of the trendiest monsoon hairstyles this year. Just replace the normal and boring pigtail into side braids and see yourself go from plain Jane to a princess in a jiffy.

It is very easy to make this hairstyle for rainy weather, just follow these steps:

  • Comb hair and take out a side parting.
  • Take a small section of hair from the parting and just above the ear let them hang a little lose.
  • To make a braid, again divide the parted hair into three sections and start weaving till the end.
  • At the end secure it with a rubber band and keep stretching it a bit in order to make it look thicker.
  • Assemble the rest of the hair into a high ponytail and secure with a rubber band, taking along the hair in the braid.
  • You can also hide the rubber band with the help of a small section of hair covering it.
  • Look and feel sexy and enjoy one of the best hairstyles for the rainy day.

Trendy hairstyles to try this monsoon


From Hollywood to Bollywood, many celebrities have flaunted this style and indeed is considered one of the best hairstyles for the monsoon. Bun at nape style is versatile in nature and can be carried with any kind of look – Indian or western, formal or casual. What’s more, it is not only comfortable to wear but very simple to try as well.

  • Comb your hair and then tie a low ponytail at the nape of the neck tightly.
  • If you have curly hair, use a straightener and thereafter segregate into three sections
  • Take two outer divisions and roll them into thick braids and secure ends with rubber bands.
  • Roll the middle part into a tight bun and join the three sections into a knot. Secure the knot with the help of hairpins and make sure the ends of the braids with rubber bands are not visible.
  • Apply a little organic hairspray to keep the bun in place.
  • Just dress up and be ready to shine!

Trendy hairstyles to try this monsoon


When it comes to dressing, vintage never goes out of style. Same is with the hair trends. The classic roll looks great during the rainy weather. It is mess-free and stylish and would certainly set some eyes rolling. It is also one of the best hairstyles to prevent hair fall in monsoon.

  • Even though any parting would look great on this style, it would be good to have middle parting after combing hair properly.
  • Thereafter, form sections of hair on both the sides and secure them with tight hairpins
  • Collect the rest of the hair and tie them in a low ponytail with the help of a rubber band
  • Part the ponytail from the middle and tuck hair into the parting.
  • Now slowly braid the sectioned hair and pull it back to the rolled hair. Secure again with hairpins
  • Use a good quality hairspray to finish the classic roll.

To make these amazing monsoon hairstyles, one needs to have silky, healthy and flowy hair which only comes with healthy eating and nourishing and enriching your hair with the help of a good quality hair oil and shampoo. Follow a proper routine of massaging your head regularly with oils like Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil for deep conditioning, strength, and thickness; and wash them off with herbal or mild shampoo for extra bounce and softness.

Learn more about various hair care tips and concerns like how to stop hair fall, how to remove dandruff etc.

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  1. Classic Roll is all time favorite as it looks classy and a lady royal touch ❀️. I’ve never tried side braids too it’s kinda my types as i braid and take hair braid on a side always.

  2. This looks like an amazing hairstyle. Brady’s always work for a rainy season as we end up getting drenched. Who would want a messy free hair. Braids stay in place and look a lot more nice.

  3. Styling hair during monsoon is a task. But you’ve made it easier with these hair styles. Vatika hair oil works well for me…

  4. Amazing hairstyles. Thanks for sharing a beautiful article. Protective hairstyle is trending style of the year.

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