Top 5 Beauty Tips for Humid Weather

Nothing frizzes hair, ruins mascara, and smears lipstick like humidity. The heat can be your worst enemy when it comes to beauty, but there are ways to maintain your flawless looks even when the temperature skyrockets. Whether you’re a student living in the hip CoLab apartments (Link: of Denver or any of the nation’s wonderfully humid locales, here are five tips to keep your style on point.


Achieving flawless skin requires an ample amount of water, but this goes into overtime when the humidity rises. Your body is more likely to dehydrate in these conditions, which can impact the bounce and clarity of your skin. Before attempting any makeup hacks, make sure you drink plenty of water to keep your initial foundation (you) looking your best.


When hot weather strikes, where do you spend most of your day? Are you outside in the sun and humidity, or are you inside where air conditioning can dry out your skin? Depending on your daily routine, you might want to consider adapting your makeup routine accordingly.

If you spend your days in the sun, then stick with a simple primer over thicker creams. The lighter your makeup, the better. A bare face is just as beautiful (Link: as one with full makeup. Also, sunscreen goes a long way in protecting your skin from the sun with so much humidity in the air.

If you find yourself indoors for work or school, then you might think that moisturizers are your best friend with the AC drying everything out. In reality, these products (along with day creams and serums) end up clogging your pores in the heat. Using less than normal can prevent this issue while keeping your skin hydrated.

Top 5 Beauty Tips for Humid Weather
Top 5 Beauty Tips for Humid Weather


Anyone with long hair suffers just a little more when humid weather strikes. This goes double for those with curly hair, but there are ways to beat the heat without chopping of your luscious locks.

The simple answer is to pull your hair up into a messy bun or high ponytail, effectively cooling down your head while sparing your makeup. However, a new look for summer can be 100 times more effective. You don’t need a Miley Cyrus style pixie cut, either.

Anything just above the shoulders can work wonders during those humid months. Ask anyone living in the luxury apartments at Denver, Colorado. A new summer do can be a woman’s (or man’s) best friend.

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The human body increases its water retaining abilities when the heat kicks in, which can lead to swelling of the legs and feet. It happens to more people than you might think, but a simple product swap-out can stop the problem altogether.

Top 5 Beauty Tips for Humid Weather
Top 5 Beauty Tips for Humid Weather

Take your water retention products and place them on the shelf during hotter months. Your body simply doesn’t need them until the dry months of winter kick back in. You’ll also find that your skin shines just a little more in the sun without them.


Laying off the makeup is highly advisable in humid conditions. The more you wear, the more you run the risk of it smearing. If you want to combat rising temperatures, then reach for the waterproof makeup instead and keep it light.

You can replace any product in your arsenal with a waterproof version, eliminating smearing and running makeup for good. This trick is especially useful if you spend most of your time outside in the summer.


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  1. We have a common enemy and humid weather and it will lose the battle with your tips. Thank you so much.

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  3. I am terribly in need of these beauty tips. Thanks for coming out with these wonderful tips. When it comes to makeup during humid season, waterproofing in must. Totally agree to this one

  4. great great tips and trick, I really love to try these out. sometimes I think, why my skin tan or dry even if I am sitting at home as you said AC is the culprit for drying skin

  5. Simple tips but definitely worth trying and following. At home my hair are generally rolled into a messy bun. Staying hydrated in summers and wearing minimal makeup during monsoons is important too.

  6. These are some cool and easy tips for humid season. I agree we all should keep our body hydrated by drinking lot of water.

  7. Hydration is much needed for better health .Skin and hair looks great when have enough water ,eat healthy and stress less.This was very useful.

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  9. I know how difficult it is to look good in humid weather. My skin gets all oily and sticky. These are great tips to follow to keep it glowing.

  10. A Humid place literally takes away all the glow of skin as we keep on dripping sweat. Hydrating yourself must be the first step to survive the heat as you said. Thanks for sharing all the tips.

  11. These look great!! 🙂 Thank you for sharing this.. Sunscreen with SPF values in the range of 30 to 50 will offer adequate sunburn protection.

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