Toki Doki Roulette Lip Gloss Trio | Review & Swatches

Toki Doki Lipgloss

There are only a few makeup brands that I find super cute and one of them is Tokidoki. Read more to find out why I love this Toki Doki lipgloss trio.

Toki Doki Lipgloss

My Experience with Toki Doki Lipgloss Trio


Tokidoki are Japanese characters that are bright and adorable. These are nifty little trio glosses which come in an uber cute packaging. The Toki Doki Lipgloss in Roulette contains 3 neutral shades:

  • Hercolino
  • Coco Bella
  • Mozarella

Toki Doki Lipgloss

The glosses come in a snap case with funky character images all over the packaging. These are easy to carry along and come in very handy during travel. The shades can be easily mixed and matched to create new colours.

Toki Doki Lipgloss


Quantity wise you get just 2.7ml in each of glosses. This isn’t much, but a point to be added here is that the packaging looks attractive because it is tiny. I fell more for the looks than anything else so the quantity doesn’t bother me much.

Application & Experience

The snap casing is easy to use – just slide the gloss you want to use and twist open. The Toki Doki lipgloss doesn’t fully slide out of the packaging; this makes the overall feel sturdy. The doe foot applicator the gloss comes with doesn’t pick up much product and you’ll have to go over a few times to get some colour. The texture is non-sticky and moisturizing and lasts a decent 2-3 hours with mild snacking.


This is the lightest and least pigmented of the 3 shades. It is a light nude shade and works best when topped on lipsticks. The shade also works well if you want a light wash of shimmer and shine.

Toki Doki Lipgloss Hercolino Swatch

Coco Bella

This is my favourite shade. This is a light pink shade with low to medium pigmentation. It works well alone and on top of lipsticks. The shimmer is very fine and gives the lips a fuller feel.

Toki Doki Lipgloss Coco Bella Swatch


The darkest and the most pigmented of the shades. Mozarella is a maroonish metallic shade with medium pigmentation. It can be worn with full colour or even as a stain. I prefer it as a stain because it makes the lips look rosy and plump.

Toki Doki Lipgloss Mozzarella Swatch

Overall I really loved my only product from Tokidoki. Sadly, Tokidoki has officially discontinued their makeup range. However, I have seen some products of Tokidoki listed on a few e-shopping sites. I am eyeing a few products myself. What was your favourite shade from the trio?

  • Toki Doki Lipgloss Swatch
  • Toki Doki Lipgloss Hercolino Swatch
  • Toki Doki Lipgloss Coco Bella Swatch
  • Toki Doki Lipgloss Mozzarella Swatch
  • Toki Doki Lipgloss Mozzarella Swatch

The Good

  • Cute nifty packaging with 3 lovely shades
  • Dark shade works well as a stain
  • Lasts 2-3 hours
  • Adds shine to the lips
  • Non-sticky and moisturizing
  • Can be mixed and matched easily to form new shades
  • Does not contain parabens

The Bad

  • Tokidoki is officially discontinued. However, their products are still available only on sites like Ebay and Amazon International sites
  • Two shades are sheer
  • Quantity of each shade is less
  • Applicator doesn’t pick up enough product

Overall verdict: 3.5 / 5

Price: $18

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