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The Modern Bedroom

I dream a lot. I dream about my future. I dream about the things I want to do. I dream about the places I want to visit. And I dream about the house I want to come back to, because there is nothing like home. I love the house I live in, but it isn’t my dream home and this is my wish list or dream list to make it the Dream House (Link:  I have always fantasized about.

Each room in the house tells a story, it tells about the people who live there, their stories and little things that they cherish. The room I spend most of my time in is my bedroom. When it came to thinking about how I wanted to makeover my room I was a little stumped. I wasn’t sure where I wanted to start? What I wanted to do? The questions were endless!

I started off by answering one question what I want my room to say. I wanted it to reflect my personality and thought process – organized, clean, with some rustic charm. It needs to be cozy and comfortable, while being practical at the same time. I use a small corner in my room as my work area where I spend time working on articles. This inspiration is the perfect combination between being modern yet rooted, and being cozy and functional. The raw brick wall makes up for the natural feel while still fitting into the whole design. The work area is both functional and stylish and will become my personal space within the room.

The Modern Bedroom
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Photo Credit: StudioStern/Homify

The next question I asked myself was what colours, materials and patterns would go into my bedroom? I like fuzz free patterns and a lot of sunlight coming into the room. The sunlight has a way of bringing the patterns alive. The materials and patterns can be varied but there has to be a thread running across them. The inspiration below shows deep dark colours yet the room looks bright with abundant sunlight and carefully placed artificial lighting. The semi glossy walls, the suede trunk storage, the modern arm chair and the deep wood floor are what I would described as the elements that would go into the perfect bedroom – My Dream Bedroom (Link:

The Modern Bedroom
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Photo Credit: NitidoInteriorDesign/Homify

The theme has been selected. The materials have been chosen. The colours finalized upon. But the room still needs small quirks and elements that make it you. I like adding small motifs and planters around the room. It’s the small things that actually show your taste and your interest. I hope that one day I’ll my modern bedroom – my dream bedroom come alive.

The Modern Bedroom
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Photo Credit: ClaudiaStachEDanielaBordignonArquitetura/Homify

How would you design your dream bedroom?

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  1. Hey Sangeeta,I just clicked on your name in my comment section today and was redirected to your blog.I am so sorry to have not been on your blog before.I am just going through your posts and the reviews are great.

  2. Oh! I exactly know my dream bedroom would have a huge window (possibly the entire wall size) and preferably a balcony too. But above all my dream bedroom does not have a wardrobe furniture. I hate it. I hate this huge piece of furniture in my bedroom taking light away and occupying so much space and visual space too. In my dreams all the furniture there is in a bedroom is the bed one or two nightstands and a nice chair. I would love to have a dressing room separated from the bedroom. I used to have it in my previous appartment (that one was given to us by the company that hired my hubby) but now we have bought our own appartment, which I love but we could not afford a very big one. So all bedrooms are rather small, and there is no dressing room 🙁
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    1. I’d like a separate dressing area to. Like you mentioned I like going with minimal elements. It gives an illusion that the room is very big and you have lots of space to move around.

  3. Your dream room is really beautiful. Even I always dream about my own home, my room, the way I will do the interior. It’s a great feeling. And you are right, your room should reflect your personality. Very nice post Sangeeta 🙂

  4. I do this too! In fact, every time I step into places like HomeCentre, HomeStop and Home Shopping centres, I go crazy for every little thing. I go crazy about decor and furniture… even the little things! Like what kind of coasters I like the most, one day definitely 🙂
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