The Body Shop Moringa Body Sorbet

If you have been a regular follower of my blog you would know that I love The Body Shop products. I have tried countless products from their product range. Even though I use a lot of other brands in my skin and hair care routine, The Body Shop (aka TBS) still remains a brand that is close to my heart.

I have had a lot of hits from TBS and many products that I have repurchased countless times and will continue to repurchase. My favorite being their Banana Hair Conditioner and Tea Tree Oil. There have been products that have been a miss for me – but I wouldn’t call them fails except for The Body Shop Moringa Body Sorbet.


To start off let me say that I had received this body sorbet as a gift. The idea of using a mousse gel-like texture to hydrate the body seemed very interesting to me. But considering my skin is dry most of the year I wasn’t reaching for this. Alas, this became a forgotten product and was lost in my never-ending pile of products to try. On a recent cleaning/clean up session this body sorbet emerged from hiding and I knew now was the time to experiment.
The Body Shop Moringa Body Sorbet

The body sorbet has a refreshing fragrance – the body shop definitely gets the fragrance right on all their products. The texture feels like a gritty gel. It is light-weight and non-greasy. It is more of a summer moisturizer and is supposed to feel light on the skin. While my skin is dry it doesn’t need heavy moisturization because Chennai basically has summer all year long, but it does need a little something. The first time I used this product it was fun to play with the texture and watch it disappear into my skin. But that was all it did – it disappeared into my skin and seemed to have done nothing more. My skin did feel soft but it looked dry and lacked any hydration. I thought maybe this product was very light for my dry skin and used it on my husband who has normal to oily skin – the body sorbet did the same disappearing act. I decided to give it another try this time using more quantity of the product – but this time the product didn’t dissolve as easily and it clumped taking away the entire fun of using the product. The texture was such that if you use less quantity it dissolved easily into the skin – but the more product you added it gets clumpy and weird. In the end, this just became a product I used for the fun of the texture and nothing more. I believe this line is discontinued in India now and I am glad about that, as I wouldn’t want any more people to waste their money on this.


  • Has a refreshing fragrance
  • Oil-free and doesn’t feel greasy
  • Lightweight on the skin


  • Expensive
  • Doesn’t moisturize the skin
  • Requires a lot of product for every use


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  1. I am just glad to read a very honest review. Moringa is considered a superb product and such a shame that it cannot live up to its potential here. I love Body Shop products in general but I think will give this a skip.

  2. I like some bodyshop products but some of them don’t really suit my skin or they are costly for the effects they give. This product seems to be one of them. Lemme explore more about it first before buying

    1. Their prices have been steadily increasing. I do love the brand but it is slowly coming to the point where you cannot justify the price for some of the products.

  3. Oil-free and doesn’t feel greasy is something that I liked but if it’s not apt for moisturizing skin then i wont think i would like to buy this one, thank you for this amazing review, It was damn helpful

  4. Ah! I have dry skin too and I don’t think this is going to suit me! But it might work for oily or combination skin types…

  5. Wow! I thought it is such an amazing product but I have a very dry skin and Body Moringa Body Sorbet is not going to help me.

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