Many people believe that learning the proper makeup techniques and being up-to-date with the latest skincare craze with IOPE is the best way to achieve beautiful skin. While both play parts in helping us achieve our best appearance, one of the best ways to preserve our natural beauty is to learn and apply the basics of a healthy lifestyle.

Here are some basic beauty tips to follow to have a more attractive face:


Drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day helps rehydrate the skin from the inside-out while also flushing out toxins we are storing from within. Since the human body comprises of 60% water, it makes sense to refuel ourselves for faster metabolism and digestion.

If you wish to drink more water throughout your day, try to invest in an insulated water bottle that helps stabilize your water’s temperature for longer hours. That way you can save money from purchasing bottled water at restaurants while also saving the environment from excess plastic pollution.


A diet rich in fruits and vegetables can do wonders for the body as well as our skin’s appearance while foods rich in refined carbohydrates and additives do the opposite. When it comes to living in today’s society, many of us neglect to create our own set of healthy meals in exchange for conveniently-made fast food. While a little treat or two is nothing to be ashamed of, a diet rich in junk food and soda can lead to weight gain which is the basis for several chronic diseases.

To start on a healthier diet, try to make healthier choices by replacing some of your staples. For instance, switch your coffee with green tea and switch your bag of chips for a cup of strawberries. Learning how to control your portions and preparing your meal for the week also helps as it teaches you to be responsible with what you eat.

Beauty Tips


Exercise provides us with both physical and psychological benefits as it helps tone our muscle, keep our skin firm, and allow us to relieve stress. It also helps keep our waist trim while keep toxins away from our bodies. When we perform physical exercises, our pores dilate–allowing our bodies to release toxins through our sweat as our blood circulation improves. Another added perk on how exercise gives you a more attractive face is that afterglow you receive post-workout!

For people who aren’t fitness savvies, it helps to start things out slow. For instance, one can start by doing simple stretching exercises while taking daily brisk walks for 30 minutes. As your body starts to adjust to this routine, gradually increase the level of intensity in your workouts by slowly shifting from walking to jogging and then to running. If you aren’t a fan of running in general, try other means of physical exercise like swimming or even playing jump rope! As long as you can get you entire body moving, it already counts as exercise.


Sleeping for a solid 6-8 hours a day helps the body repair damaged cells while allowing the body to relax. Sleeping is one of the most irreplaceable skin care steps as we all need a break from our conscious period every now and then.

Additionally, our sleeping position also influence the way our face looks in the morning. In fact, many people who sleep on their stomachs may notice fine marks on their face when they wake up. While this effect is only temporary, it is known that the older we get, the less collagen we produce so these fine lines may eventually stay longer than we desire. Ideally, the best position to sleep in is lying flat on our backs to avoid adding pressure to our faces.


When it comes to starting a skin care regimen, many experts suggest learning your skin type before starting. This is important since learning our own skin type helps us determine what products and added steps we need to follow to keep them looking fresh and clean. Since not every product works for everyone, knowing what our skin needs can help us find the best prevention and solutions.

Living in today’s modern era is convenient in the sense that we are provided with various options on how to live our lives for the better. When it comes to taking care of our skin, today’s technology allows people to make more active decisions faster than ever before. While these innovations are good, learning how to practice simple basic prevention steps allows us to enjoy our natural features for a long time without necessarily spending a fortune on solutions.


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  1. Hi Sangeeta,

    It is so important to look after one’s health and fitness to avoid any long term major health issues. Drinking sufficient water along with regular exercise and sleep are a must for a healthy lifestyle. Your suggestions in this post is worth gold for all of us.

    Thanks for sharing this post. Have a good day. 🙂

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