Spa Ceylon Foot Scrub

As much as I would to say I take amazing care of my skin, I really don’t. But I do take decent care of my feet. When I have time I try to make nice homemade scrubs. But running around most of the time I don’t always end up with ample time to churn out my homemade concoctions and hence resort to store bought products. I got Spa Ceylon Foot Scrub as part of my October Fab Bag.

Spa Ceylon Foot Scrub

The product claims to “A natural purifying formula to soften, smoothen and revitalize feet. Lime Peel, Dark Grapes and Volcanic Minerals help remove rough patches and hard skin, and lightening discolorations. Peppermint and lemongrass essential oils cool and refresh feet, controlling foot odour. Margosa and Virgin Coconut soothe and relax for total foot comfort.”

Spa Ceylon Foot Scrub

My Experience with Spa Ceylon Foot Scrub

When I first got Spa Ceylon Foot Scrub as part of my Fab Bag I was a little disappointed. I was hoping to get the Spa Ceylon facemask but ended up with a foot scrub instead. Little did I know that I would love the product.

Spa Ceylon Foot Scrub

On first impression you will see a creamish product with an amazing refreshing mint fragrance. I am a big fan of minty fragrances and I love them strong. Smelling them is like having consumed large amounts of coffee and chocolates – instantly revives the senses. But I can’t deny that the fragrance is strong. If you are someone who isn’t too much into strong fragrances you might find this a bit of a con. Being a salt based scrub I suggest using this on dry feet so that the salts can do their work well. If you use it on wet feet, the product will dissolve away quickly. You can however add a tiny bit of water to help in the scrubbing.

Spa Ceylon Foot Scrub

The scrub is gritty and works amazingly in removing dry skin and softening the feet. Spa Ceylon Green Mint Cooling Foot Scrub also imparts a cooling feeling relaxing your tired feet. Overall, it is a great foot scrub. I just wish it wasn’t so heavily priced.

Spa Ceylon Foot Scrub

The Good

  • Has a amazing refreshing fragrance
  • Scrubs away dead skin
  • Softens and soothes feet
  • Gritty texture is perfect for using as a foot scrub
  • Gives a cooling sensation
  • Paraben and cruelty free

The Bad

  • Expensive
  • Some may find the fragrance too strong

Overall verdict:  4 / 5

Price: Rs. 1100/- for 300ml

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  1. Well in winters you definitely need one foot scrub as foot tends to get dry and cracked first. So I guess you are lucky to get this product in your fab bag.

    1. I’m sure it will last a long time. I have noticed that only a little amount of the product is required each time.

    1. I haven’t tried TBS foot scrub. But this Spa Ceylon one is nice. It does feel like a nice pedicure and spa session.

  2. I never used scrubs for my feet. I prefer DIY scrubs for feet.
    This scrub sounds great but because cost I might think for one more time before purchasing 🙂
    Nice review sangeeta 🙂

    1. I normally don’t go for heavily scented products as they give me a headache. But the fragrance of this is super refreshing.

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