So Silk Soya Milk Protein Shampoo | Review

So Silk Soya Milk Protein Shampoo

I like trying new products. Maybe you could say this is one of the reason I have this blog. And trying new products is always exciting. But I do get lazy. Not lazy to try new things, but lazy to want a product to do more than one thing. Like shampoo but not condition :D. In this long journey I decided to try out the new So Silk Soya Milk Protein Shampoo. Read more to find out about it.

The product claims to “With soya milk protein this formula helps to repair the hair by improving texture from root to shaft, strand by strand. Removes impurities and makes hair smooth, soft and silky.

So Silk Soya Milk Protein Shampoo_Main

My Experience with So Silk Soya Milk Protein Shampoo

The shampoo comes in a neat bright yellow sachet. It has a pale yellow colour and a very mild fragrance that lingers. It’s nice when you find a product with a sweet mild fragrance that also lasts a long time. I have used this with oil, without oil and with more dirt than I would like to admit. But this shampoo came out well. It cleansed my hair and gave it a slight soft feeling. While it didn’t dry out my hair, I couldn’t skip a conditioner, however I did try that once as well.

While the tiny sachets are perfect for one time use and travel, I am unable to see a big size product in a bottle form that can be used regularly. There are no ingredients mentioned in the pack. There also seems to be an issue with easy availability. Apart from these this is a nice shampoo to try and especially have handy in your travel kit.

So Silk Soya Milk Protein Shampoo

The Good

  • Super affordable
  • Cleanses well
  • Didn’t dry out hair but conditioner is required
  • Removes oil and dirt well from the hair
  • Comes in travel friendly sachet
  • Has a sweet mild fragrance

The Bad

  • Not as easily available
  • Ingredients list missing
  • Unable to find a full size bottle for regular use

Overall verdict:  3.5 / 5

Price:  Rs. 1/- for 6ml

PS: Product sent by brand for review. However, my opinions remain honest and unbiased.

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    1. I received the product from the brand. You can reach them on Facebook and find out as to where you can get their products in your city

    1. Not sure on the testing part, but I’m sure they will come up with full size products soon.

    1. I’m guessing they’ll launch a full size product soon. Like you mentioned that should have the details.

  1. Seems like a nice product! But why is the ingredient list missing. Isn’t it mandatory to mention the ingredients?

    1. I’m not too sure on the guidelines to mention ingredients when the packaging is in sachet form. I’ve been using it for a while now and it seems to work well.

    1. The packaging reminded me of Sunsilk too. Like you mentioned the sachets are great for travel. Saves space and handy.

  2. For a moment i thought sunsilk has launched some protein shampoo…I think they might be on the testing side..waiting for people’s reaction how it fares..but sachet part is good for us to try first and then go whole bottle..Good review hun
    anu dev recently posted…Peekaboo at my Vanity cornerMy Profile

    1. I’m thinking the same Yasmin. There isn’t much space to print all the details. I’m guessing the full size product will have all the details.

    1. You can try it after they introduce a full size product. That’s sure to have the details.

    1. Would recommend it as such for dry hair. But you can try it and use a good conditioner afterwards.