Whenever you wish to be the Belle of Cinderella or Elsa of Frozen, skirts come as the perfect saviour for those Disney princesses. Apart from being cute and carefree, these numbers are the perfect ensemble for the women who love to rule the office floor like a boss.

If you like to carry this piece with pretty as well as bold personality, you need to chalk out ways to wear them differently. Make your every day move a noticeable one and you need to make it sure that you have perfect reasons to carry them as well. Because at a mourning event, you can’t go with bandeau on the head!!!

Here are the quickest and wittiest moves you can adopt while wearing skirts to pose differently every time:

Skirt With Bandana

Skirt Look 2
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Well, this is one of coolest way to showcase your hippy attitude. And yes, draw some more brogues or sneakers from your shoe racks because this is going to be a hard rock β€˜Notebook’ style – team up a skirt with clean T-shirt and of course, bandana.

The best part is bandanas is that they come in various designs and styles to match your mood and personality. They are colourful and look quite sombre at times. So, pick out accordingly!

With Leather Jackets

Skirt Look 3
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Leather jackets are the most catching ones when you are in a need to brag off your bossy attitude. Here are some quick tricks that you can follow while satisfying your skirt craves:

  1. If your skirt is in tulle material and showcase light hues, then opt for deep or dark colours such as matte maroon, Z-black, and etc.
  2. Is it dark? Then, opt for light or denim jackets instead.

How About Bandeaus

Skirt Look 4
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A darling piece!

Isn’t it?

Bandeaus feature a strip of cloth which covers your bosom completely yet they feed the bold in you. Nowadays, they can also be worn as a formal wear with long shrugs or formal suits. And the idea of wearing it with the skirt is phenomenal if you are sure and confident to carry it comfortably.

Ensemble On Your Waist

Skirt Look 5
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Of course, this looks cute and for your curious mind, I wish to acknowledge one extra thing that they can be worn as formal as well as in casual attitude. These bows are available in various shapes, patterns, colours, lengths and of course, styles. For instance, a long tail bow is famous when tagged at the back waistline of the skirt.

Here is some more advice to rock the stage:

  1. Wear monochrome polka dotted skirt and shirt with blood red huge bow.
  2. If the skirt is short in length then go with a long tail bow with contrasting colour.
  3. If the tail of the bow is long, heavens high heels will be a superb selection.
  4. Buy a skirt online and stitch multiple bows on its waistline to have a quirk look.

Suspenders At Waistline

Skirt Look 6
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Now, this is something out of the mainstream! You can buy online leggings and suspenders and can wear them with a skirt. Try to make a contrasting story when selecting a top wear. Make sure the colour of the skirt and suspenders are same or matching the hue.


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  1. Just amazingly you show different types of skirts with different styles. All skirts looks great in every style. And bows are the best thing that attracts me here. Great styling sense you got.

  2. What a fantastic curation of styles. I am definitely going to take a lot of inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Just love every piece. They are sassy yet look classy. Excellent tips you have given here.

  4. This post is great… How ever me being chubby don’t prefer skirts.. this post is tempting me to try something different