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Simply Earth is a monthly subscription box with essential oils, fun recipes and all the ingredients at a fraction of the cost that you can order from the convenience of your home. You get to make handmade products and know exactly what ingredients you’re using, giving you total control over that all-natural home. What’s even better is that the final products can be used as great gifts for your family and friends!


In case you missed our previous review, let’s explain a bit about the subscription. When you sign up for Simply Earth’s subscription, you get two boxes – a Big Bonus Box (for your first month and every 6th month thereafter) and an Essential Oils Recipe Box. The Big Bonus Box has all the supplies you’ll need for all the fun recipes suggested or you could use them to make your own! The Essential Oil Recipe Box has 4 full-size essential oils, a couple of bonus items based on that month’s theme. From the second month on, you’ll receive only the Essential Oil Recipe Box every month. Each month, their boxes are curated and made based on a fun theme. For more info on what you get when you sign up, click here (link to old Simply Earth box review).


Each month, Simply Earth partners with organizations that fight for social causes. For August, they’ve partnered with Grounds of Grace. Based in Springfield, IL Grounds of Grace assists victims of human trafficking throughout the United States. What’s unique about them is, they are run solely by volunteers which means they work tirelessly without expecting anything in return. They provide them with physical needs such as food and shelter and also help them thrive by providing therapy and teaching them life skills.

13% of Simply Earth’s profits will be going to this organization this month. Since it’s for a great cause, we encourage you to make a difference to the lives of the victims by either shopping at Simply Earth or donating directly to Grounds of Grace.


The August Box had us super excited with the theme. The box is designed to give your skin that much needed TLC and create clear, glowing and beautiful skin. All the recipes are all about an all-natural skincare routine sans all the chemicals.

The contents of the essential oils recipe box were:

Simply Earth August Box
Simply Earth August Box
  1. Full Size Essential Oils – 15 ml each
  • Clove – This oil is great for boosting immunity, aiding digestion and has killer antibacterial and antifungal properties.
  • Rosemary – This oil helps balance your skin’s natural oils. Its aroma also increases alertness, perfect for your morning shower.
  • Frankincense – This oil offers immunity support, skin-healing, tension-and joint-pain relieving, respiratory support.
  • Clear Skin Blend – Made up of Tea Tree, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Juniper Berry & Lemon Essential Oils, this blend is formulated to work hard against acne and blemishes.
  1. A compressed face mask
  2. Lavender Hydrosol
  3. Recipe Cards – 7 nos.
  4. Recipe Labels

The Recipes (check out their blog for detailed how-to video tutorials)

Simply Earth August Box
Simply Earth August Box

STEP 1: Frankincense Face Scrub

STEP 2: Rosemary Facial Steam

STEP 3: Skin Renewing Face Mask

STEP 4: Hydrosol Facial Toner

STEP 5: Moisturizing Face Cream

STEP 6: Clear Skin Roll On

Feel Good Morning Diffuser Blend

We really loved this all-natural routine that made our skin feel all loved up. To start with, the Frankincense Face Scrub helped remove all the dead skin and prepped it up for the next step. The Rosemary Facial Steam helped in further exfoliating and unclogging our pores. The next step is our personal favorite! It’s a compressed sheet mask which is a tiny peppermint candy look-alike. You need to soak the sheet mask in water to let it expand. The Skin Renewing Face Mask really left our skin feeling soft and smooth. The next step was the Hydrosol Facial Toner. The recipe called for adding Apple Cider Vinegar, but we skipped it as we weren’t sure how our sensitive skin would react to it. Nevertheless, the toner really calmed our skin down, made it feel all rejuvenated and ready for the next step. The Moisturizing Face Cream involved a little more work when compared to all the previous recipes. But we didn’t mind putting in that teeny-weeny bit of extra effort to give our skin that ultra-moisturized and nourished feeling. We skipped making the Clear Skin Roll On recipe as we didn’t have major visible acne that needed to be targeted. However, going by all the previous steps, we’re sure it must be effective.

If you check out the individual prices for all the oils on their website, you’re getting almost $60 worth of oils for just the monthly subscription price. Quite honestly, that’s an amazing deal considering you can add these oils to your essential oil treasure trove!

So, all of you who are interested in this month’s box, ensure you hurry up and grab your box before they’re all sold out and you’re left regretting!

PRICE: $39 per month


If you are interested to try out the box don’t forget to use our code BNYXBLOGFREE and get $40 gift card with your first subscription box and an additional bonus box. The gift card can be used on your next purchase or next box.

NEXT MONTH’s BOX: Continuing the skincare theme of this month, it’s going to be all about SOAPS. Keep watching this space for our review!


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