SaND Face Puree

Tomatoes are great for skin care. They tone the skin. Help remove tan. Soften the skin. Add glow and more. I got SaND Face Puree in one of my Fab Bags. SaND for Soapaholics range of products are inspired by traditional Indian home remedies and fresh ingredients.

The product claims to “Feeling royal? Our Face Puree cleanser takes you back to the time of Kings and Queens with its Heirloom Tomatoes and extracts from the flower of deities, the Lotus. Packed with Oatmeal and naturally occurring Red Clay, this cleanser absorbs toxins from your skin leaving your face smooth and glowing. To enhance this potion further, we’ve blended in our fresh Ginger extracts to add that extra zing to your day!”

Recommended For: Oily skin

Directions to use: Take a small amount, mix with water and blend into a paste. Massage face for a minute and rinse off with warm water.

SaND Face Puree

My Experience with SaND Face Puree

SaND Face Puree comes in a neat tub packaging. While it isn’t hygienic please note that the product is quite thick and can be stored in a tub only. Just use a spatula to remove the product and you are good to go. The face puree has a mild peachy red colour with a slightly gritty texture. It cleanses and scrubs the face at the same time. It cleans well but don’t expect it to remove any remaining makeup on you skin.

I liked the texture but be sure to use with a light hand, otherwise you might find the scrub rough. The first time I used it my skin felt soft. But the next day I had tiny bumps on my forehead. I shrugged it and continued using the product. The next day I had few more bumps. After day 3, I knew it was time to stop using the face puree. My skin is oily and slightly on the sensitive side and some ingredient irritated my skin. If you have sensitive skin I suggest doing a patch test and seeing how it suits you. Overall, the product is decent; just wish it suited my skin well. Have you tried any SaND for Soapaholics products?

The Good

  • Has natural ingredients
  • Cleanses and scrubs at the same time
  • Only a little quantity is required for each use
  • Smelly amazing

The Bad

  • Some might find the scrub a little harsh
  • Broke out my sensitive skin
  • A little on the expensive side
  • Tub packaging isn’t hygienic

Overall verdict:  3 / 5

Price: Rs. 500/- for 100 gms

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    1. Tomatoes do tend to irritate some people. Sometimes it works on me, sometimes it irritates my skin. Guess it was the latter this time.

  1. Oh! Sorry to hear you had a bad experience with this!
    Skipping this one. My skin has got some nasty breakouts 🙁

    1. It could work for other people. But I would suggest anyone with sensitive skin and who has had any irritation to tomato to be careful if they choose to use this.

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