Olay White Radiance Intense Brightening Serum

I like using products they give a nice glow to the skin. I am not saying I am into whitening products; but it is nice to have that subtle glow, a radiance of sorts. Having heard a lot of good things about Olay and serums in general, I picked up my first ever serum – Olay White Radiance Intensive Brightening Serum.

The product claims to “Intensive treatment with high concentration of whitening active & dual color vitamin beads. Tackles surface and hidden whitening issues; for luminous fairness. White Radiance has high concentration of CelLucent whitening active, Vitamin B3, Natural Plant Whitening Extract and dual color vitamin beads. Tackles both surface and hidden whitening issues like spots, darkness, and uneven skin tone. Non-greasy formula. Use with UV cream/lotion during day time.

The Results

  • From first use, skin looks brighter
  • See dark spots & uneven tone visibly reduced
  • With regular use, tackle hidden whitening issues
  • For natural, Luminous Fairness from deep within* (*in the epidermis)”


On first impression I was really fascinated with the packaging. The serum comes in transparent packing with a pump mechanism. There is a base / level at the bottom, and as you use the product the base moves up. It is quite effective and reduces product wastage. The serum has a runny consistency and the beads in the solution dissolve easily. I didn’t buy this product hoping to whiten or lighten my skin. But, the product claims that and rather failed at it. However, it added a subtle glow to my face moisturizing and plumping it up.

Olay White Radiance Intensive Brightening Serum

The Olay serum is very lightweight and gets absorbed into the skin in a jiffy. Oil skinned beauties – this will work for you. It works well under makeup and hasn’t broken me out. Overall, I am happy with my purchase. However, I wish it worked on lightening the marks on my face, and that it were a little more economical. Either way I am happy with my first serum.

Olay White Radiance Intensive Brightening Serum


  • Adds subtle glow to the face
  • Moisturizes and plumps up skin
  • Easy to use spill proof packaging
  • Feels lightweight and gets absorbed in to the skin easily
  • Did not break me out
  • Can be used under makeup
  • Has mild fragrance


  • On the expensive side
  • Not much impact on scars or acne marks
  • Doesn’t brighten or lighten skin as per claims


PRICE: Rs. 1299/- for 50 ml available on AMAZON

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    1. It was a disappointment. I’ve been trying to get rid of some scars and marks and I thought this would help. Way too high priced, but I like the glow it imparts.

    1. Brands base these claims on certain studies, but a lot of times its on ideal conditions and we don’t live in ideal conditions. I will use this up, but I am looking for other serums.

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