Nyassa Oceana Foaming Face Scrub | Review

Nyassa Oceana Foaming Face Scrub

There are 2 broad types of face washes that I use. I prefer gel based ones in summers that help zap the excess oil and creamy face washes during the drier colder days. I have tried only one exfoliating face wash and I found it average and wasn’t too keen on the segment. When I received Nyassa Oceana Foaming Face Scrub as part of my October Fab Bag I decided to give exfoliating face washes another try.

Nyassa Oceana Foaming Face Scrub Review

The product claims to “This fragrance is exactly what the name denotes. Takes your mind away to the beautiful Mediterranean beaches. It’s not an overwhelming oceanic fragrance but just right. A must have in your collection!! The texture of the scrub in light, so its feels great on both oily as well as dry skin. A fresh way for a soft skin starts with Nyassa’s exotic body scrubs that exfoliates, polishes and moisturizes you skin. Nyassa’s Oceana Face & Body scrubs gives your skin an enriched cleansing. It creates luxurious and fragrant foam that cleanses your body thoroughly leaving behind a fragrance that lasts long. Formulated with apricot, the scrub leaves behind a fresh, soft and younger looking radiant skin.”

My Experience with Nyassa Oceana Foaming Face Scrub

We do judge a book by its cover. We may not always accept it but we do. But what we need to do next is give it the benefit of the doubt… give it a chance before giving up. When I opened the tiny tub a strong soap like fragrance hit me, and it made me go err and I didn’t feel like using it. I ignored my nose and I went ahead and gave it a try and to say the least I am impressed.

Nyassa Oceana Foaming Face Scrub

Nyassa Oceans Foaming Face Scrub is in fact a face wash with mild scrub particles. And while it doesn’t remove the need to use a scrub it does help a bit. It is very gentle on the skin, and skin feels soft and smooth after every use. I have oily skin and I have never felt the need to moisturize or felt my skin stretched. Unlike some face washes, which take time in washing off, this one comes off very easily.

Nyassa Oceana Foaming Face Scrub Review

The product describes the fragrance as aqua, but what I smelt was something soapy. I don’t mind this so much, but it is a bit of a let down. The product description on the website claims this can be used for both face & body. But on the pack it is only written as a face scrub. This is a little misleading. However, I find Nyassa Oceana Foaming Face Scrub way too mild to be used for the body. The product is also not so thick that it needs to be a in a tub pack. I would have preferred a tube version better. I have also faced availability issue with Nyassa products. Overall, this is a good scrubbing face wash and I ever feel like using one I am sure I will reach for Nyassa Oceana Foaming Face Scrub.

The Good

  • Cleanses skin well
  • Will suit oily to combination skin well
  • Has mild scrubbing particles
  • Skin feels brightened without feeling dry
  • Softens and smooths skin
  • Washes off easily

The Bad

  • Soapy fragrance
  • Expensive
  • Availability can be an issue
  • Product description on website is a little misleading claiming it can be used for face & body; while on the package it claims only for face
  • Could have come in a tube style packaging

Overall verdict:  3.5 / 5

Price: Rs. 900/- for 200 gms

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    1. Really can’t deny the price. Probably one of the most expensive face washes I have used. But I wasn’t too keen on the jar packaging.

    1. Thank you Jennifer. On the product I didn’t like the smell either, but like you mentioned it does the job well.

    1. It’s quite decent. But the price is definitely on the higher side that it makes me wonder if I will try it again.

    1. I wouldn’t recommend this for dry skin especially not in winters as it isn’t moisturising. It’s best to try a cream based product.

    1. In winters it is best to top it up with a moisturizer. In other season if you have oily skin, I guess you can skip the moisturizer.

    1. I don’t know if it’s my nose I didn’t like the fragrance much. But another blogger mentioned she liked the smell. Maybe I got the extra soapy batch 😀

    1. Rightly said Yasmin. But this is more of an exfoliating face wash and is rather very mild as a scrub but it cleanses well.

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