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I have read about articles about natural calamities across the globe. While my heart went out to those, never did I think I would witness one and go through one myself.

I come from the beautiful city of Chennai. I was born, brought up, studied and I work here. The city and the most parts of the state faced unprecedented rains over the last 2 weeks with extreme heavy rains last week. The city was flooded. I must say I was one of the lucky few whose house wasn’t washed away. And I am really thankful for that. But to say the least our driver whose house is less than a km away found his house in ruins in a matter of hours. He came home rushing in the early hours of Thursday with a few of his neighbours seeking shelter. This was the state in the center of the city. The outer areas and places near the river were hit very bad with water entering even 1st floor in many cases.

While water didn’t enter my house, I was stuck. With hip deep water running like a river in areas all around my house, it wasn’t easy to leave. And with phone lines and mobile network down it was hard to reach anyone outside. But within my area I saw how people helped each other. A young boy from the next street asked if he could park his bike outside our house as water was gushing through his street. He returned some time later with 2 packets of milk without us even asking for anything. He waded through the water to get us the milk. That’s when we noticed, without even realizing it we had started helping each other. Neighbours offered water where there was shortage of water. Those who had signal offered their phones so that we can reach our loved ones. Houses were opened and tiny families turned into big gatherings. The same happened all across the city. People helped each other. All barriers broke. Our city maybe submerged but we rose. It didn’t matter if you were rich or poor, or what religion you followed, we moved as one. So many volunteers offered to help. Whether it was cooking food for those stuck inside their house, collecting necessities or sourcing funds. Social media played a big role. Whether it was in gathering volunteers or seeking help or offering help. Even with the limited connectivity social media likes of Facebook and Twitter helped connect millions. I’m not going to share images of the damage here, it’s all over the internet. But I do have one request, help in whatever way you can. The rains may have stopped, but it will be a while before the damages are reversed. Even spreading the news will benefit us.

At the end of the day it didn’t matter who we were, or what language we spoke, all that mattered was the kindness in our hearts that we had for each other. I would like to thank each and everyone who helped rise this city up.

It’s not the place or the infrastructure that makes a city great, it’s the people. This is my city. This is my home. This is my Chennai.


#welovechennai image source: Facebook | I <3 Chennai. Image Source: Artist Six,

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  1. I missed your posts. I thought you were busy. Did not know you lived in Chennai. My prayers with all people of Chennai. Thank god you and all around you were saved. It is a great thing to see people getting together as one. 🙂

    1. Thank you Ankita. I really am lucky to be safe. It’s nice to see all the support we are getting from people all over the world.

    1. People have helped each other in whatever way possible. Things won’t be the same again, but they will get better.

  2. Wow, it is painful yet wonderful to read a first hand account. Painful cause one can never measure how much so many of you suffered. But wonderful cause I had goose bumps as I read how people helped one another. So thankful for those human beings who have kept humanity alive. In the midst of this chaos, I wish and pray for things to come around soon for everyone. Specially for those who have broken homes and have lost loved ones in the past few days. I pray for you and your family too Sangeeta. Continue to be brave and spread the love.
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  3. I hope you are ok heartiest prayers to all the people.. infrastructure can be built again but loss can’t be filled..only humanity can heal the wounds

  4. Glad you are safe. We did a few food and clothes sourcing drive in Bangalore for the people in Chennai. Glad all this paid off. Take Care.


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  5. Its heartbreaking to watch the beautiful city in such calamities and our hearts reached out to all the people who suffered the wrath of nature. May the Almighty protect everyone and keep them safe. Our prayers are with Chennai. Be safe dear 🙂
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  6. I didn’t you were from Chennai Sangeeta, I am glad you are fine. I have my brother studying in chennai and even he got caught in flood but college authority helped students move out to the safer places.
    All my friends in chennai were literally in water helping out people as well as animals. I am so happy we still have so many good hearted people who selflessly jumped into helping others. I know it is very painful time for all of us and esp. those in Chennai but at the same time it is also a proud moment to see people helping out others in every way possible ! 🙂
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    1. Thanks Bhavya. Glad to hear your brother is safe.
      And yes so many of us helped out. The rains have stopped but the relief work is still continuing. Miles to go before we sleep but very proud of everyone who has been volunteering.

  7. I’m glad to hear that Chennai and it’s people are still standing strong in the wake of those terrible storms and flooding. People do often come together and are at their best at times like this. You’re very fortunate your home wasn’t affected. Stay strong!

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