MamaEarth Anti Hair Fall Kit

I know I have been MIA a lot but I am back and in this week we are focusing on hair care products. There was a lot happening on my personal front that I was keeping me away from blogging and I then decided to take some time off and try to focus on just getting myself to calm and relax. End of last year I got the opportunity to try the MamaEarth Anti Hair Fall Kit. Read about my initial impression here. Here are my final thoughts on the range.

MamaEarth Anti Hair Fall Kit

MamaEarth Anti Hair Fall Kit

MamaEarth Root Restore Hair Oil

This hair oil smells amazing. It is lightweight and manages to nourish my hair decently. I really can’t say much about it helping hair growth but the experience of using this aromatic oil is quite relaxing. As much as I love using this oil, the packaging makes it a pain to use it. The pump squirts oil and it is difficult to control it. I now resort to opening the bottle and pouring the oil on my hand. Convenience to use the product does play a big role in me reaching for them again and again and the MamaEarth Root Restore Hair Oil fails here.

MamaEarth Happy Heads Shampoo

This is a great shampoo to use with the Root Restore Hair Oil. However, I found that the shampoo wasn’t as good in removing any other hair oil I used and I ended up using way more shampoo than I normally would. I loved that the shampoo had the goodness of biotin and amla managed to add a nice amount of volume to my hair. The first few times I used the shampoo it had a really mild essential oil fragrance, but for some reason I found the fragrance becoming milder with use. This isn’t a con – but the fragrance part was one of the reasons I wasn’t attracted to this shampoo. It doesn’t mention the full ingredient list which I am not fond of.

MamaEarth No More Tangles Conditioner

Even though my hair tends to get limp easily I like my conditioner to nicely nourish my tresses. While the MamaEarth No More Tangles Conditioner has cocoa butter it is rather very light. On days when my hair tends to behave decently, this conditioner does the trick, but when my hair tends to hit frizz town this just doesn’t cut the deal. It is a little too mild for my liking and ended up finishing this a lot quicker than the shampoo.

MamaEarth Pro-Growth Hair Tonic

This was one product in the range that I didn’t personally use as I am already using a medicated hair growth spray. I gave this to my husband to try out and he gave me the job of ensuring he used it regularly 😀 Husbands, I say!

Even though the product claims to show results in 6 weeks, I would urge anyone using this product to use longer to see results. Any product, which claims to help hair growth, needs to be used for a minimum of 2-3 months to see an even slight change in hair growth. My husband doesn’t technically suffer from hair fall like I do, but he does lose a considerable number of strands. While there wasn’t too much difference in hair fall this hairspray did make his dry hair soft and it was lightweight enough to feel good as well.

Overall verdict

This range has some hits and misses. But a decent range to try out if you are suffering from hair fall.

Price: Now available for a discounted price of Rs. 999/- for all four products. Buy on Amazon

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    1. With any product which claims to help with hair fall it needs to be used for a minimum of 3 months to see even a slight change. I would never go by the marketing message where they say you can see changes in a mere month.

  1. Mamaearth always comes up with great range of products and this hair fall kit is also one of best kit of this brand. Using and loving this kit these days.

  2. I haven’t tried any of these products but have heard a lot of good things from several mommy friends

  3. The range seems good but not great certainly!! But, after reading your review, I am tempted to try that hair growth tonic and conditioner 🙂 You are right, to see any change, especially hair growth, we must use a product at least for 2-3 months!! Lovely post and welcome back dear <3