Mama Earth Feel Better Tea

Falling sick sucks. Period. Being someone who is slightly on the lower end of the immunity spectrum falling sick tends to happen more often than I would like it. That doesn’t mean I am unhealthy – I eat right, I eat good food and I exercise. But sometimes the seasonal bug does get to you and this time it was bad. I needed something that made me feel better without having to worry about any possible side effects.

My mom likes to explore with traditional home made concoctions to make me feel better and kick the flu in the bud. Since mommy wasn’t around and also with me trying to act all grown up I reached for the next best thing – Mama Earth Feel Better Tea.

Mama Earth Feel Better Tea

What is in Mama Earth Feel Better Tea?

Mama Earth Feel Better Tea comes with the goodness of Chamomile, Mint, Ginger and Nettle leaf.

Chamomile: Calms nervous system; builds immunity and aids in digestion. It also helps in better sleep by relaxing your mind.

Mint: Helps boost immunity especially against cough and cold.

Ginger: Helps in digestion and reduces nausea. It helps balance the gut and builds immunity.

Nettle Leaf: This is a strong anti-oxidant, which purifies the blood, and cures an upset stomach. This also helps with skin issues like acne and eczema.

How to brew a healthy cup of Feel Better Tea?

To get the maximum benefits from an herbal tea it must first be brewed in a proper manner.

    • Add 200 ml of freshly boiled water to a ceramic cup and add a Feel Better Tea bag
    • Cover the cup with a lid and let it sit for 10 – 15 minutes – Steeping helps get the beneficial nutrients from the tea
    • Gently squeeze the tea bag to remove the remaining extracts
    • Drink 1-2 cups daily between meals for maximum benefit

Mama Earth Feel Better Tea

What I liked about Mama Earth Feel Better Tea

I am a tea person that being said I prefer water-based teas to milk based ones. I find them soothing, relaxing and very easy and quick to make. Mama Earth Feel Better Tea has a distinct herbal-based taste; that being said this isn’t bitter. I consumed the tea without any additional sweeteners, if you are not used to this I would suggest adding some honey instead of sugar as honey also helps in soothing the throat. The fragrance is mild nothing to rave or complain about.

I drank this tea twice a day pre-lunch and in the evening and it helped keep the flu sluggishness away and actually made me feel refreshed. I love to drink this after a hectic day and on days when I want to ease body pain and relax. Certain herbal teas can have a slight upsetting feeling on the stomach or discomfort, but I was happy that this didn’t cause any discomfort. But do keep in mind how you brew and when you drink an herbal tea makes all the difference.

This tea can be drunk by almost anyone who wants feels refreshed or energized. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding it is advisable to speak to your medical practitioner before adding anything new to your diet.

Mama Earth Feel Better Tea

 Overall Verdict

  • Mama Earth Feel Better Tea is caffeine free, Non-GMO and 100% natural
  • It helps increase immunity and fight infection
  • It comes in easy to use infusion bags with clear directions for use
  • It doesn’t have a strong herbal taste or smell
  • Slightly on the expensive side but a small price to pay for good health

Price: Rs. 599/- for 30 infusion bags available on



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  1. Feel better tea, this is something grt n unique…everyone wants to feel better everytime…i hope this tea does the job which it is mean to.

  2. I completely love this tea.. it has helped me with my digestive problems and also makes me feel fresh! Really a good one

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