DIY Fan Earrings

I tried an earring DIY recently and I quite liked the final output. These earrings can be made very easily and it is pretty cheap as well. That makes it ideal for college goers and people who like fashion on a budget. You’ll probably have to visit your local craft store to get a few things (but mind you, they are dirt cheap!).

You can use handmade chart paper for giving it a better texture and elegant look (plus you can avoid the efforts of painting as well). But if you do not have that, feel free to use chart paper. So without any further exaggeration let us get into the procedures.

DIY Fan Earrings

What do you need?

  • Chart paper / handmade paper
  • Eye-pins – 2 nos
  • Ear hook – 2 nos
  • Gum / Fevicol
  • Acrylic paints of your choice.


Step 1: First of all you need to cut out the chart paper in two square pieces of seven centimeters each.

Step 2: Now take one piece and fold it diagonally. Start making small pleats up and down.

Step 3:  Once you finish making the pleats, fold it in exact half in such a way that the smallest pleat comes on top.

Step 4: Take a pin and make a small hole ensuring that it passes through all the pleats. This step is optional, but I found it easy to insert the eye-pin this way. Now remove the pin and insert the eye-pin.

Step 5: After inserting the eye-pin, see that both the folds on sides can cover it completely when pinched with your fingers. Make an adjustment by bending the pin a little, if necessary. The goal is to get the eye-pin hidden in the paper.

Step 6: Apply gum in this area and hold it for a few seconds. Allow it to dry completely.

Step 7: At the hook of the eye-pin, attach the ear tag tightly. Decorate with glitters and/or acrylic colors of your choice. Make the pair in the exact similar way.

And that’s it. You can give it a light coat of clear varnish so that it doesn’t get soggy when it becomes wet. Alternatively, you can use a little bit of Fevicol as the coat. Do not worry because this glue gets into a transparent shade once dry.

I hope you liked the DIY, so try it and let me know in the comments.

About the Author

Sana who is also the author behind Skinny’s Fitness is currently pursuing MBA. When she is not blogging or studying she loves crafts, playing with colours and baking fresh cakes and cookies. She one day dreams to make her entrepreneurial dreams come true.

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