Lypsyl Lip Balm

You know seasons are changing when you start noticing store displays changing, Halloween costumes and accessories popping up, the grocery stores stocking up on tonnes of apples and pumpkins of all kinds, everywhere! The season of Ambers, Bronzes, and Scarlets has just begun and soon the trees will be a riot of color. When the air starts getting nippy and the leaves slowly start changing colors, it’s a sign that you need to start changing your skincare regimen too. It’s now time to swap the lightweight products for the extra moisturizing ones.

The one area that’s always exposed and abused with tonnes of products are our beloved lips! The skin on our lips is much thinner and more delicate than the rest of the body and so they need a lot more TLC than we give them. As the weather gets colder, we take care to cover ourselves all over, but the lips are forgotten and neglected. Our lips dry out much faster than any skin on our body and that’s the reason why we need to protect them more. If not taken proper care of, they start cracking and bleeding in some cases which makes them really painful. It’s always a good idea to apply lip balm even while you’re at home since the air-conditioning and heating accelerate the dehydration of the lips.

Lypsyl Lip Balm
Lypsyl Lip Balm

As a part of tweaking my regimen, I tried out the Lypsyl Original Mint Lip Balm recently. The product claims “Sweden’s #1 Best Selling Lip Balm, Lypsyl is the only lip balm made with deep penetrating Silky Swedish Beeswax for long lasting moisture you can feel. Lypsyl’s Original Mint formula, quickly cools & comforts and keeps lips soft & smooth for hours.”


I always use a lip balm on a daily basis, irrespective of if I’m wearing lipstick or not. That helps in keeping my lips really hydrated and supple. This was a new brand for me as I hadn’t come across it before and I was eager to figure out how well this lip balm performed.

Lypsyl Lip Balm
Lypsyl Lip Balm

On opening the Lypsyl Lip Balm tube, I saw an ivory colored lip balm which was elliptical in shape (much different from the round ones I’m used to). When I sniffed it, an extremely strong scent of mint (that strong chewing gum type) hit my nose. It had a bee-shaped slider which was very cute, and I noticed that even if I slid it till the max, I had no problems in retracting the balm, which is not the case with most lip balms. If you twist it a little too much, you run the risk of the balm being stuck as is and wasting a lot of the product in the process (I’ve committed that stupidity many a time).

On using the balm, I found the elliptical shape aided in application much better than the round tip ones. With a single swipe of the balm, I could cover one part of the lip completely. As soon as I finished applying it, I felt a strong burst of cooling sensation as if I’d dunked my lips in a bowl of crushed ice. Honestly, I loved it and found it to be quite refreshing. With time, the intensity of the cool sensation did reduce, and my lips felt quite comfortable. Infused with coconut oil, organic shea butter, and vitamins A & E, the lip balm was very moisturizing without being heavy and having that waxy feeling which lip balms generally tend to have. It also didn’t leave any shine on the lips (which men hate), making it a great unisex product.

The only downside is, it’s a bit bulkier than the regular lip balms. That, in my opinion, is just a minor tradeoff for getting super soft and healthy lips. The Lypsyl lip balm helps moisturize, soften and protect the lips naturally and I might just end up swapping my old balm for this one. What about you? How are you going to protect your lips during fall and winter this year?

Lypsyl Lip Balm
Lypsyl Lip Balm


  • Long-lasting moisture
  • Frequent reapplication not required
  • Elliptical tip aids in easier application
  • Refreshing mint flavor
  • Not waxy
  • No extra shine
  • Not tested on animals


  • Packaging slightly bulkier than regular lip balms


PRICE: $2.99

WHERE TO BUY: Walmart, Meijer (you can buy it online too from these stores), Amazon


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  1. This sounds like a really good lip balm from your review ??
    I will tell my daughter about this – I have a feeling that she will like this balm ?

    1. It sure is bulkier than the usual lip balms, but we don’t consider it to be a deal breaker since the product works really well. You should give it a try if you can, Mariyam!

  2. I use lip balms daily too and have used many brands and flavours till date. Mint is something I’m yet to try out. Can start with this one!

    1. You’re in luck, Jhilmil! 🙂 It is indeed available on and best part is, it’s on sale right now. Grab it soon!

  3. Sounds a very good lip balm. I have never tried the mint flavor, i have always been trying the fruit flavor. Thanks for sharing, will definitely try this lip balm.

  4. The elliptical shape sounds interesting! I love mint flavoured lip balms! The fact that it doesn’t leave a waxy or shiny layer is amazing! Nice review!

  5. With the winters just around the corner, I was already on a lookout for a good lip balm. This one looks quite promising and I believe it would be able to take care of the dryness.

  6. Seema like a lovely product and im inclined to use it as it has a matte finish and is not tested on animals making it cruelty free.

  7. If its super moisturizing then I dont mind using a bulkier packaging lip balm. I also like the fact that it is long lasting and has mint flavor

  8. You will always find a lip balm in my handbag no matter what season it is. I would love to try this lip balm. Coconut oil in this product definitely going to help me stay away from dry lips

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