Kaya CC Cover Correct Complexion Perfector Cream

CC and BB creams are a savior for those who are always in a hurry. They make you look fresh and most times they work as a moisturizer, sunscreen and a pseudo-foundation at the same time. I’ve tried quite a few drugstore variants but none really clicked. And of the search for a good BB/CC cream, I stumbled upon Kaya CC Cover Correct Complexion Perfector Cream.

Kaya CC Cover Correct Complexion Perfector Cream

The product claims to “Kaya’s all in one Complexion Perfector Cream gives your flawless glowing skin instantly by hiding imperfections. It not only improves skin appearance instantly but also gives prolonged benefits with regular use.

All in one skin benefits:

Blurs imperfections

Natural looking instant glow

Brightens skin

Blurs appearance of fine lines

Evens skin tone



Protects from harmful UVA/UVB rays and free radicals”

My Experience with Kaya CC Cover Correct Complexion Perfector Cream

Let me start off by saying that when I first bought this product it was available only in one variant – one tone that suited all. It is now currently available in two shades. I’ve always been skeptical of products that say one product suits all – it is similar to clothes, which say one size it fits all because it never does, and there are always issues with it. But despite my skepticism, I picked this up as Kaya as a brand has suited me well and I haven’t really had many issues with it.

Kaya CC Cover Correct Complexion Perfector Cream

Kaya CC Cover Correct Complexion Perfector cream is a lightweight cream coloured CC cream, which spreads easily on the skin. The CC cream initially looks light on my tan skin tone and slowly adjusts to my skin tone. But it doesn’t exactly match my skin and looks a little light. If I apply too much product it spreads a little patchy and ends up looking ashy. I find it best to be used over a moisturizer for light sun exposure rays – This CC cream has SPF of 25 and on top of sunscreen on heavy sun exposure days. This also helps add a barrier between the skin and the CC cream thus ensuring that the product spreads easily and evenly. It comes with an easy to use pump packaging and I find that it helps hide minor imperfections. Being non-oily this is a great product for oily skin tones – my skin is combination and if I don’t nourish my skin well it does tend to cling to the dry areas of my face. But with a well-nourished base, this is a great hassle product for that sheer natural look. Now that I am almost through with this one I am looking forward to trying out the new colour variants and hopefully, this will suit my dusky skin tone better.

Do you have a favourite product from Kaya? Let us know in the comments below.

The Good

  • Great product for a natural sheer coverage
  • Feels lightweight on the skin
  • Has a non-greasy texture making it perfect for summers and high humidity
  • Didn’t irritate or break out my acne prone skin
  • Easy to use pump dispenser

The Bad

  • Comes only in 2 colour variants
  • Expensive for a CC cream
  • Can cling to dry patches

Overall verdict:  3.75 / 5

Price: Rs. 950/- for 30ml available on Amazon

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  1. CC & BB creams are something that I have discovered lately. Like the overall coverage it provides and the way, you have elaborated usage.
    Would like to have one for myself not that mine is getting over.

    1. This isn’t a full fledged corrector is that is what you are looking for. But this does help even out the skin to a certain level.

  2. Kaya is a great beauty brand and lives up to all the claims it has on the products. I loved the way it merged with your skin flawlessly.

  3. I feel it is a bit expensive for a 30ml tube of a cc cream! Also i wish it was available in more shades to suit all skin tones! But it being lightweight is definitely good! Loved your honest review! ❤

  4. Amazing and beautiful post. Kaya is a trusted brand and quite affordable. Kaya CC cream gives even tones and brightens the skin.

    1. If the colour matches your skin it is easy to build up, otherwise it ends up looking patchy. And the price is definitely quite high.

  5. Firstly i was so unaware that Kaya has a cc cream. Secondly, they sound like an amazing sheer coverage cream. But not gonna buy because of its price. I wish they had kept their price a bit low.