Is Makeup her passion or is she just insecure?

Is makeup her passion

I vividly remember the first time I purchased makeup; it was for my 10th standard farewell party. I remember walking with my sister to the closest fancy store and asking for a pink lipstick – yes that’s right fancy store, we didn’t have big stores or have online shopping options back then. The joys of buying my first lipstick were unparalleled. I still get excited the same way when I buy makeup. I purchased a pink lipstick/gloss product which was thick and goopy and nicely pigmented.

I barely got a chance to wear this beauty before it was time for me to toss it. I moved to a full girl for my senior school year and you’d think being in an all girl’s school you wouldn’t be picked out for wearing lip balm and kajal or kanmai as it is called in Tamil. I thought I was wearing it because I liked it and that I looked good in it and in the end, it made me feel good – but little did I know that others would ask me if I wore the kajal because I wanted to impress someone or if I didn’t like the way I looked that I needed kajal to make my eye look bigger. My mind was conflicted – I thought I was doing something I loved and it wasn’t to mask my insecurities. Years passed and while I wore makeup now and then I still had my doubts about why some people view makeup as being associated with insecurity. I want to tell these people I am as much comfortable in my own skin as I am with makeup. It’s not a face I put on but a way for me to express myself.

It wasn’t until my final years of college that I really started to get into makeup. I had started working part-time and that meant more money to spend. I slowly added more lipsticks, lipglosses, liners, and eyeshadows to my collection. Shopping for makeup became a therapeutic experience and if I was ever down wearing a bright lipstick was all it took to cheer me up. I also started reading makeup reviews, watching tutorials and I even started writing freelance for one of India’s top beauty bloggers. Can you guess who it was?

Throwback to current day I have my very own beauty blog. That doesn’t mean I create earth-shattering looks but I love whatever I create and it is my Zen time. Some people say I am a makeup addict and that I have a lot of makeup. To those people, I say so what, I love every single makeup items I have and I cherish them, we all have things we love. But I try to shop around the sale/deal period to get the best offers and with so many e-portals the best of makeup is just a click away.

And for those people who still ask if I am wearing makeup to impress someone – the answer is yes. I wear makeup to impress me, myself, and I!

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Sangeeta the author behind BeautyNyx hails from the city of Chennai. She has a background in advertising and stumbled into beauty blogging by chance. She has a skin that has a mind of it's own, but that hasn't stopped her from exploring various brands. She loves rambling about things and has a slowly but steadily growing makeup & skincare collection.

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  1. At first when I tried makeup it gave me confidence when I saw myself looking more beautiful but then now I discovered that makeup Is just for fun to try out so many different looks and my confidence can make my bare face look more beautiful rather than putting those layers on. But still I wear make up to impress myself and my art

  2. You just spoke my mind. I’ve faced similar situations too. I believe that makeup is an art, a therapy which makeup lovers enjoy!

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