How To Make Eyelash Extensions Last As Long As Possible

How To Make Eyelash Extensions Last As Long As Possible

Wondering how to maintain your beautiful eyelash extensions? You can make them worth every buck and prolong their lifetime. How? Make sure you provide proper care and you will have a gorgeous outcome that will last for more than 3 weeks! Here are the top 5 must and must nots that you should follow along.

  1. Avoid Water And Steam For The First 24 Hours

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After you’ve applied your lashes it is time for the waiting game. Stay away from water and steam for the first 24 hours. Why? During this period the glue is still settling down. If your lashes get exposed they could fall off sooner than expected. Also, don’t rub your eyes, this is a must not.

Pro Tip: You can also try sleeping on your back during the first crucial 24 hours after you get them done. Sleeping with your face down can cause your extensions to fall off sooner than expected due to the pressure, so you better avoid it.

  1. Clean Them

Cleaning them before going to bed is crucial if you want them to last as long as possible. Bad hygiene can also cause Blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelid), which no one wants to end up with, therefore, clean and makeup-free lashes are a must! Use oil and glycol free makeup removers as well as some lash shampoos which you can find at the drugstore. After removing your makeup leave your lashes to air dry and brush them through with your wand. This way they will not lose their shape nor end up being tangled.

  1. Avoid Oil

Oil based products will ruin your lashes. Yes, it may be easier to remove your makeup with oil, but it is not recommended when you have extensions. Use products that are oil-free as well as appropriate for your extensions. You should remove your makeup with either lukewarm water or with a small amount of your favorite oil-free product. Apply your tonic, gel, micellar water or whatever it is that you have on a cotton wool or even a q tip and then press it against the eye. Use patting instead of wiping motions. This way you will not tug the eye and destroy the extensions.

  1. Brush Them Through

They can easily twist, believe it or not. You should brush them with a special lash wand, or a clean mascara wand every morning and night. You could also use a spoolie, mini combs, or even brow gels (clean and clear ones). This way, you are preparing them for your new coats of mascara and still keeping them fresh.

  1. Go To a Trusted Salon

Here’s a photo of a lash repair I did in on a client who had previously been to a low quality salon. You can see in the first photo her lashes are clumped with glue, and basically looking bad! The middle photo is after the extension removal, and the final photo is the extensions I gave her. You can see the massive difference.

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Always do your research before heading out to your beautician. Make sure that the place is trusted and that it does not look sketchy. Mostly avoid places that are offering cheap deals and that don’t have their own sites. Also, if they do have their own site yet no customer reviews there is a possibility that they are not as good. Search for some before and after eyelash extensions pictures before making your final decision.


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