How to Incorporate Asian Influences into Personal Style

Kimono Asian Fashion

Asian Fashion

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When talking about Asian fashion there is much to be said and as much to present. The Asian influence on the fashion genre has increased. Several Asian countries have already entered fashion competitions to demonstrate their likeness and respect towards impending fashion. They have crossed the lines and always try something new and extraordinary. Many Asian designers are flooding the international fashion market with their innovations and fashionable endeavors.


Boho Asian Fashion

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The boho style is actually a mixture of various styles. Add the hippie, ethnic, bohemian, folk, vintage, punk, romantic and then you have a complete look. It is a style with plenty of attitude, which takes into account enough comfort. The main elements of boho are long skirts, tunics, gowns, flowing dresses, bell-bottom pants and high-waisted shorts. Crochet, brown leather, suede and lace are present in the looks as well. In accessories, wide belts, long necklaces, big rings and fringed bags are often used together with some embroidery or beads, feathers and stones. The colors that predominate are caramel, wine, turquoise and chocolate, and Indian inspired patterns and colors are getting more popular. You can buy affordable boho clothes online, for example I got my boho dress from Melbourne Warehouse Sales.

Long on long

Salwar Asian Fashion

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Indian salwar kameez is a traditional dress that is popular among women of all ages around the world due to its versatility and convenience. Salwar kameez is available in different prints and embroidery, and is very popular, especially among celebrities. Women used to make this dress on their own, with beautiful embroidery and colors to complete the look. Indian clothes underline the perfect combination of tradition and style. With fashion trends changing, this traditional dress has also seen tremendous innovation in its basic structure. Kameez and similar dresses are worn over long pants, and often paired with traditional, or statement jewelry. Salwar straight cut can be styled with different types of jewelry, handbags and shoes. It all depends on the fabrics and designs, and on what occasion it is intended to be used for.

Trendy sarees

Saree Asian Fashion

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Despite the various trends and the fact that fashion hits come and go, saree is a fashionable garment for women and is considered an evergreen trend. This ethnic wear suits everyone, regardless of age, nationality or body shape. The Indian saree has become a popular fashion item and is usually made ​​of a long fabric that wraps around the body. It can come in various designs and patterns. Some sarees are quite simple in color and design, while others may have heavy fabrics, thick embroidery and other crafts in it. These are considered a timeless beauty that will never fade with the passage of time. Although it is difficult for people living in western countries to find a retail store, a saree can be easily purchased online.

Japanese kimono

Kimono Asian Fashion

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When kimonos were shown in the movie Memoirs of a Geisha, they were quickly adapted as a fashion trend to the western tastes. These are not the traditional and formal kimonos, but clothes inspired by the beauty and form of the kimono. Designers like Alexander Wang made ​​several proposals and Kate Moss designed half a dozen of these for the youth clothing store Topshop. Not to mention that Zara has proposed several of them, in plain colors or light patterns and as a replacement for traditional blazer. Likewise, Stradivarius also presented the westernized version of Japanese kimono to make it more wearable. There is a variety of designs and patterns that are arranged like long gowns or sexy minis to show off legs, as well as jackets or blouses and tunics with bat-sleeves or three-quarter sleeves, worn with shorts or skinny jeans. The fabrics are natural or synthetic – usually silk, cotton and wool or some other heavier fabrics for cold weather.

The trends of each season reveal some influences of the main capitals and fashionistas in the world, and this time the East has extended its boundaries to the West to make it clear that new proposals fashion-wise are perfect for this season.

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    1. I’m not very comfortable in sarees. I take long strides and walk around haphazardly, and somehow I manage to trip in a saree almost every time. But I still love them.

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