There’s always some new fad that promises to get you more beautiful skin or to zap your wrinkles. But true beauty never goes out of style. The things that work tend to stick around, which means that not much has to change. However, new research can reveal strategies and products that get results, giving us new options for our beauty routines.

It’s helpful to learn a bit about how we did things in the past to know what routines will work best for our skin to get the results we want. Here’s a brief look at some popular beauty routines that have gone out of style, as well as some of the new routines that are getting results:



Massage has always been known to be good for skin, though practices have changed a bit. In the 1950s, women were advised to use a washcloth to clean their faces vigorously, not only to slough off dead skin but also to stimulate the skin. Massage helps to improve circulation, which carries away toxins more quickly and stimulate collagen, which helps to tighten the skin and keep it looking younger longer.

Massage isn’t just for the skin on the face. With a massage table, you can stretch out and get a massage on your back, legs, and other parts of your body. You can either hire a professional to give you the massage or you can solicit your partner to do it. You can also use handheld devices to massage your skin yourself, including specialty devices on your face.

Cold Therapy

Heat opens up your skin, which is why estheticians use it to make removing blackheads and other impurities easier. Cold closes your skin, which makes your pores smaller and your skin look smoother. In the past, women would do things like splash cold water on their face when they rinsed after cleaning or would turn the shower on cold just before they finished. Now, women do everything from wear gel masks that have been in the freezer to rubbing ice cubes on their faces.

There are many ways that you can use cold therapy on your skin. You can use it to reduce the inflammation caused by acne, to tighten your skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and to make your skin smoother, and to improve your overall complexion.



Hydration has always been an important part of any skincare routine, though the way we get it has changed. In the middle of the century, cold cream was used across the board for facial cleansing and moisturizing. While you can still use cleansing creams, most people now use a variety of cleaners. They get hydration from multiple serums, oils, and cleansing waters.

Drinking plenty of water is a tried and true way to keep your skin hydrated, and it’s a method that never goes out of style. Drinking plenty of water will keep your skin buoyant and plump, which will reduce the appearance of fine lines, reduce sagging, and maintain coloration.

Natural Oils

Oil for skincare

Hollywood starlet Mae West used coconut oil to keep her face smooth and dewy. Bombshell Sophia Loren used olive oil. These natural oils not only locked in moisture but also infused nutrients into the skin, helping it stay smooth and healthy. We are seeing a return of the popularity of natural oils for the skin as more people are rejecting the chemicals used in commercial serums and oils. Plus, using natural oils is cheaper and more accessible. You likely have many oils in your kitchen at any given time!

Beauty routines may change over time, but we all know what makes our skin look the best throughout the ages: Plenty of sleep, a good diet, and plenty of water. You may find that new technology like facial scrubbers or light therapy helps you, but you may also find that the basics like regular massage and using natural oils make your skin look vibrant and healthy. Try different techniques to see if they give you better results, and stick to those tried-and-true things that you know will work. Your skin influences your appearance to the world. Take care of your skin to always look and feel your best!

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  1. Beauty oils have definitely found a place in my daily routine in the recent years and they are quite amazing too.

  2. So well said! With change of lifestyle we should still follow a certain regime to keep ourselves glowing and active