Health & Glow Lemon Grass Exfoliating Bath Scrub

I am a big fan of citrus fragrances, lemon grass to be precise. I love how it livens up my spirit and wakes me up instantly. Due to this liking I pick up product with lemon grass fragrance instantly. I purchased Health & Glow Lemon Grass Exfoliating Bath Scrub just because it said Lemon Grass on the pack. Read more to find out how it fared.

The product claims to “Lift up your senses with the energizing fragrance of fresh-cut Lemon Grass. This bath scrub is infused with mild exfoliating agents (perfect for daily use), which effectively cleanse your skin keeping it fresh and supple. A luxurious addition to your daily bath ritual.”

Health & Glow Lemon Grass Exfoliating Body Scrub

My Experience with Health & Glow Lemon Grass Exfoliating Bath Scrub

Health & Glow Lemon Grass Exfoliating Bath Scrub is a moss green bath gel with green scrubbing particles. The bath scrub like they call it cleanses the skin well. The scrubbing particles are rather mild and can be used everyday. However, they are little too mild that there isn’t much scrubbing happening. What I really like about this product is the fragrance. The refreshing smell of lemongrass hits you and awakens your senses. Though I wish the fragrance lasted longer.

Health & Glow Lemon Grass Exfoliating Body Scrub

The exfoliating cleansing bath scrub comes in a transparent bottle with a press open flap. While it is easy to see the amount of product left in the pack, the wide rectangular pack isn’t easy to use and makes it a little cumbersome to remove the product. It was easy in the begging, but once I got halfway through the product it was just too tedious. You get a great amount of product for the price you pay, but when you see overall this is just an average product.

Health & Glow Lemon Grass Exfoliating Body Scrub

The Good

  • Mild scrubbing particles good for every day use
  • Amazing quantity for the price you pay
  • Has a refreshing fragrance
  • Cleanses skin well

The Bad

  • Fragrance doesn’t last long
  • Available only at Health & Glow outlets
  • Packaging is not easy to use
  • Scrub particles don’t do much

Overall verdict:  2.5 / 5

Price: Rs. 299/- for 500 ml

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    1. Thanks Sonali. I have less than a quarter of the pack left but it is too much of a hassle to remove the product.

    1. Thanks Anubhuti 🙂
      The packaging is quite irritating that I’m wondering if I want to finish using the product itself.

    1. You have a friend in me 😀
      Do you have any favourite products with lemongrass fragrance. Would love to add it to my collection.

    1. You can check out TBS body scrubs. They are perfect for winters and there are so many amazing fragrances to choose from.

    1. I have opened the cap and I try to force the product out. I don’t want to waste the product, so trying to use it up. But the packaging isn’t helping me in anyway.

  1. Thanks Rakhshanda. I didn’t know the packaging would be hassle. Had I know I wouldn’t have picked up this product.

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