Health & Glow Foot Mask

My hands and feet are the most badly treated parts of my body. I expose my feet to dirt, rough surface, washing numerous times, hard & soft sandals and more almost everyday. And at the end of the day they need TLC. I don’t do much for my feet but the least I apply a foot cream. On one of my shopping sprees I picked up Health & Glow Foot Mask Geranium & Fennel hoping to give my feet the much-needed care. Read more to see how it fared.

Health & Glow Foot Mask

The product claims to “Intense hydration and repair formulation mask that contains a powerful blend of ingredients which penetrates the skin to remove dry and dead skin while stimulating new cell growth. Non greasy and quick absorb formula with the calming fragrance of fennel seeds and geranium.”

My Experience with Health & Glow Foot Mask Geranium & Fennel

Health & Glow Foot Mask Geranium & Fennel comes in a cute lavender tube packaging with the words foot mask splashed on it. The foot mask comes in a runny texture that has a pale white colour. The runny lotion feels very watery but takes time to get absorbed into the feet. But this makes it a good massage lotion. The texture is non-greasy and non-sticky. I wasn’t very impressed with this product. I expect my foot creams to be highly moisturising and nourishing to my feet. Every time I used Health & Glow foot mask my feet felt dry the next day; it didn’t matter I took time to massage it in or wear cotton socks. Unless you are looking for a product that gives little to no moisturisation I wouldn’t recommend this foot cream.

The Good

  • Watery texture makes for a good massage lotion
  • Has a mild fruity fragrance
  • Easy to use packaging
  • Non-greasy texture

The Bad

  • Available only at Health & Glow stores
  • Watery texture takes time to seep into the skin
  • Poor hydration

Overall verdict: 2 / 5

Price: Rs. 149/- for 75 gms

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  1. For my feet I want more moisturisation .. so i dont think i should buy this .. Thanks for the review 🙂

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