Guest Post | Lifestyle and Infertility

The way we eat and sleep has changed long back and we are living in a high mechanical world. We all have fixed timetable for our lives. Getting immersed in the sea of corporate life, most have already given your personal life for granted. The result is increased infertility rate, divorces, and lower life expectancy. Ragi puddle has been replaced by pizzas and burgers. The way we consume our food talks a lot about our health. A fertility clinic in Chennai has released a report which says that 4 in every 5 men face infertility due to lifestyle and habits. The size of a man’s waist and his sperm’s mobility are directly linked to each other. Slimmer men are more fertile than overweight male. In women also, obese women face difficulty conceiving.

The fact that most of us eat food at odd times and we consume packed or processed food rather than freshly prepared ones. Evolving consumerism is compelling us to become consumers of certain products in order to hold a position in the society. The changes that happen in our body due to the consumption of these food items become permanent and it affects the way how we lead our life. Most of these food items are addictive and we end have a bigger tummy.

Drinking becomes so common. Society and peers have helped in developing this. If you drink you will respect and be called cool and if not you will be called as a fool. Drink brings in major health complications which include heart disorders, liver and kidney stones and not to forget, it also causes infertility.

Most of us do not know and by the time we come to know all these, it would be too late. The obvious solution is to visit a fertility clinic in your city. There is a drastic increase in the fertility technology which helps a couple conceive. The number of the fertility clinic in Chandigarh has increased significantly over the years and with each center having its own success rate. It is very important to understand your fertility health before you go ahead with any of the infertility treatment. Semen analysis and vaginal ultrasound are common fertility tests that are done on both male and female counterparts. Being infertile does not mean the end of the road, there are a lot of treatments which can help you conceive artificially. In case of fertility damage which can be reversed, then observing medication will help you overcome your infertility.


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