Guest Post | Healthy life in this fast paced stressful life

Two decades ago, if you are 25 and without a job, you can still try to get one before you are 30. The cost of living was so manageable that you can live a month with 5000 INR. There was no pressure in the society. But now, this scenario has changed so much that even if you so well-educated and talented the scarcity of jobs will make sure you don’t get one so easy. Hence the pressure on today’s youth is so much that their previous generation. When you are in your higher secondary there is so much pressure on to score the desired marks for you to get into a good college. Then once you are in college, there is much pressure on you to land in a high paying job. Again, once you landing your dream job, there is so much peer pressure on performance and you will have to keep performing and reach heights. So, we keep running. But pause a minute and think of the toll it is having on our health. The average age of marriage has increased significantly for both men and women.

Postponing marriage for a career has become very common. No one wants to get married in their early 20s. Almost everyone has their own personal milestone which they want to achieve before settling down. Yes, here we are using the term settling down because most people think getting married is actually settling down in life. My sister had no personal milestones with respect to career and got married at her 23. She conceived in a year and during one of the regular visits to a maternity clinic in malleswaram Bangalore, we noticed a lot of couple in their early 30s. I was a bit curious in know the fact why most of them are much older than we thought. Please note all the people were here for their first child. On a general inquiry with her nurse, I was told that most of these people postpone their conception. And when they wanted to have a child, it took them some time to conceive. She even went beyond to talk about their lifestyle, age, and fertility. All these made me curious and made me visit a gynecologist in tnagar Chennai.

This became an enlightening for me. We talked about a lot of things. The ideal summary is that marriage and conception can wait but we should whether our body is ready to wait for it. Everyone has his or her biological clock and we live according to it. Hence it is very important to know one’s biological clock before we take a big decision in life with respect to marriage and conception.


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