GUEST POST | Fitness for Weight Loss and Wellbeing: Metabolism-Boosting Exercises

Metabolism-Boosting Exercises

Exercising can boost your metabolism in many ways and not only while you are exercising. This means that choosing the right exercises will help you get fit and lose weight most efficiently. Research states that a combination of aerobics and resistance training is the best workout for achieving these goals.

Designing Your Perfect Set of Metabolism-Boosting Exercises

Any kind of physical exercises increases your metabolism while you are doing it because it gets your blood flow to speed up and increases the temperature of the body. However, once you settle down, your basal metabolic rate (your metabolism at rest) goes back down to its default.

So, if you want to achieve maximum weight loss benefits from your fitness program, you need to choose workouts that will help keep your metabolism high even when you are done exercising. With this plan in mind, you’ll be able to transform your body with the addition of only a few easy weight loss tips. Some simple diet changes and adding foods and supplements that will also fuel your metabolism to the max. Ginger, chili peppers (or capsaicin from them), and caffeine are most effective for this.

Metabolism-Boosting Exercises

As to the workouts, the best metabolism-boosting exercises are all forms of resistance training. Augment them with aerobics, which makes you burn more fat cells than any other exercises and the results will be astounding.

This type of fitness workout plan is effective because it helps your body grow muscles. And muscle tissues metabolize more energy even at rest. This means that the more muscles you have, the faster you’ll be rid of the annoying fat deposits.

But bear in mind that muscles are also heavier than fat. This means that your change in weight might not be as fast as you’d like. However, the change in body composition is what truly matters to your goals.

However, be aware that metabolism-boosting exercises are quite hard on the body, so a person with a low fitness level should start gradually. To achieve the best weight loss results, you should have 2-3 cardio and 2-3 resistance workouts a week. As many cardio exercises can incorporate the use of weights for added resistance, you should consider starting with those. If you plan to lift weights for maximum strength training benefits, set aside 1-2 days a week for this routine and limit your other activity on these days to prevent overworking. Consult a trainer to develop the best and healthiest plan for your current fitness level.

Top 3 Metabolism-Boosting Exercises

Mountain climbers

This is a great full-body cardio workout. Start in a plank position and start ‘running up the cliff’ as fast as you can. Keep your hands firmly on the ground and your back straight while kicking up your knees in sharp and precise movements.

Lunges with weights

There are many types of lunges, each helping build up more muscles in your legs and speed up fat burning. Once you are ready, move up to lunges with weights to strengthen your lower and upper body at the same time.

Dumbbell crushers

Set your feet apart wider than your shoulders and squat. While in a squat, do a bicep curl with your dumbbells and then stand up fast. Thrust your hips forward and lift your arms over your head. Then move them into a shoulder press. Then lower the dumbbells and start over. Do as many reps as you can but only after a thorough warm-up.


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  3. This is quite insightful. In addition, anyone on a weight loss journey should religiously stick to the plan and diet. Most people loose it all along the well and accumulate more than they had before.

  4. I really love your tips! Be realistic! A lot of people who wants to lose weight expect drastic results to come out right after 2 or 3 sessions, which isn’t the case that’s why they’re being demotivated to continue. Anyways, thanks for sharing all these tips 🙂 Love lots

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