Franck Olivier Bamboo Perfume – A floral beauty | Review

Franck Olivier Bamboo Perfume

I am not a perfume hoarder – I am rather a loyal customer to certain perfumes and have repurchased them multiple times. For instance I don’t recall how times I have purchased Elizabeth Arden Green Tea. My sister on the other hand has an array of perfumes in various sizes and shapes. I decided it was time for me to branch out and try other exotic fragrances starting with Bamboo by Franck Olivier.

What does the brand say about this fragrance “Bamboo for women is an exclusive fragrance sold by Fragrance Outlet which was launched by Franck Olivier in the year 2012, inspired by the bamboo plant, an Eastern symbol. This fragrance is available in glass flacons accompanied by a trendy bamboo relief stem, carrying light pink liquid that symbolizes freshness.”

Franck Olivier Bamboo Perfume

My Experience with Franck Olivier Bamboo

I picked up this perfume from The website has a wide array of perfumes including quite a few leading brands like Estee Lauder, Juicy Couture & Marc Jacobs. You can browse their collection either by brands or between men and women – it is quite easy to stumble upon what you will like. The clean white layout gives the site a nice classy look, and feels easy on the eyes. The site is overall quite easy to navigate. They currently ship to US, Hawaii and Alaska. They also have a collection of exclusive products that have been selected by a team of experts.

Franck Olivier Bamboo Perfume

Franck Olivier Bamboo Perfume

Coming to the main review of Bamboo by Franck Olivier.

Packaging: I received the fragrance in a gift box. I was surprised as I didn’t select any special packaging option; to be honest I loved it came all wrapped in a ribbon – it did feel like getting a gift. The perfume was nested inside with padding in a white box with bamboo patterns on it. The bottle also has the bamboo pattern running on it with a chrome-finished top which looks gorgeous and has become a part of my vanity.

Franck Olivier Bamboo Perfume

Price: Bamboo by Franck Olivier is priced at $72.99 for 75ml and can be purchased from

Fragrance: I am no expert in being able to decipher the fragrances individually but I do find that is has hints of lily and other floral fragrances with a musky undertone. It isn’t a very strong fragrance and I am mentioning this particularly for people who like me have a sensitive nose. Despite it not being strong I do find that this almost lasts all day. For all the fragrance experts the notes as mentioned on the website.

Top notes: Blackcurrant, violet leaves, ivy | Middle notes: Lily, rose, ylang-ylang, freesia | Base notes: Musk, cedar and vetiver. The fragrance feels like a walk in the meadows, a beautiful memory and a happy place I always want to be in.

In conclusion despite finding it hard to articulate why and how much I like this perfume I hope you get the gist of why this needs to be part of your collection. So head on their website and pick up Bamboo by Franck Olivier for yourself. P.S. they are also running a summer offer where you can get 40% off the retail price.

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