Fab Bag November 2015 | Review

Fab Bag November 2015

What I like about Beauty Boxes is that you get new and exciting products to try out every month. And there is the surprise of what you might get. There are months where I have been super excited with the things I got and some months where I didn’t. Fab Bag November 2015 edition comes in a sleek black pouch. While I loved the look of the pouch, some of the contents failed to impress me.

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Fab Bag November 2015 Review

The November issue comes with 4 products including a skin care product of my choice.

  • Seasoul Dead Sea Minerals & Botanicals Massage Candle – Rs. 300/- for 50ml
  • Ayorama Fairness & Cell Renew Night Cream – Rs. 195/- for 15 gms
  • Lollipops Paris Matte Concealer in Ginger – Rs. 800/- for 5.5ml
  • Votre Intensive Brightening Masque – Rs. 1080 for 100ml.

Let’s have a brief look at the products.

Fab Bag November 2015

Fab Bag November 2015

Seasoul Dead Sea Minerals & Botanicals Massage Candle (50 ml)

This product intrigued me a lot. At first I thought candle… huh, why would they send a candle. Then I went through the packaging and realized that this is in fact a massage oil. You burn the candle and as the candle melts you use the molten wax/oil to massage your body. I still haven’t got around to using the product but I can’t wait to try it out.

Fab Bag November 2015 Seasoul Body Massage Candle

Fab Bag November 2015 Seasoul Body Massage Candle

Ayorama Fairness & Cell Renew Night Cream (15 gms)

This is the first product that I have got from Ayorama. And the tiny tub is actually a full-sized product. I am not too much into fairness product but I would be happy if this works on my dark spots. The climate has been going haywire in Chennai the last 2 weeks with crazy spells of rains, temperature changes and the sun deciding show up now and then. This for some reason is making my skin has go crazy. I am going to wait out till my skin calms down to use this. Initial impression is that this has a very refreshing fragrance and while it isn’t greasy it doesn’t leave my oily skin matt either.

Fab Bag November 2015

Lollipops Paris Matte Concealer in Ginger (5.5 ml)

I got the Makeup Revolution Focus & Fix Liquid Concealer in my September Fab Bag. I found the shade of the Makeup Revolution Concealer to be somewhat close to my skin tone and somehow workable. But the Lollipops Paris Concealer I got this month is way too light. There is no way I can use this and would just have to give it off to someone. I really wish Fab Bag wouldn’t give concealers. These are either a hit or a miss. And in my case a total fail.

Fab Bag November 2015 Lollipops Paris Concealer

Votre Intensive Brightening Masque (100ml)

For the skin care item I chose Votre Intensive Brightening Masque. I was looking to try some new masks and this fit my bill. I have tried the votre microdermabrasion gel and I quite liked it and wanted to try more products from their range.

Fab Bag November 2015 Votre Intensive Brightening Masque


The Fab Bag November 2015 edition is an average bag. Apart from the candle and the facemask that I chose I didn’t find the other products impressive.

If you want to try new interesting products be sure to subscribe to Fab Bag’s subscriptions. They have varied payment options depending on the number of months you wish to subscribe for.

Overall verdict:  3 / 5

Read about my Fab Bag collection here.

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    1. Just when you think the sun is about to come out it starts raining again. I’ll review the products soon 🙂

    1. It felt like they were thinking what do we give them this month. Another concealer. And who cares if the shade suits 🙁

    1. Thanks Rakhshanda. They have one hit product with the candle, but that’s all. I agree a nail paint or some lovely jewellery would have helped bring a smile on our face.

    1. I did like those two. But the pouch is more of an add-on. The products are the main attraction.

    1. Sure Salomi. This is just a mobile cam pic so you’ll get an idea. Click here
      Just a basic overview: I’m a NC 43.5 in MAC Studio Fix.
      The swatches are as follows: MAC Studio Fix Concealer in NC 43.5, Clinique concealer in almond, Lollipop Paris Concealer.

  1. The candle sounds extremely interesting. Haven’t come across anything like this till now. What exactly are you waiting for to try it out? A muhurat? 😀

    1. After the high of their anniversary bag, the consequent bags have been a little disappointing. I can’t partly say we were ruined for choice. But the product selection and quantity of the October and November bag was very average.

    1. The product selection this month was a bit of a let down. But yes, you need to try them out. The products you receive some months are just amazing.

    1. The concealer I have got is a pale yellow shade and it is way too light for me.
      I just got the mail for choosing products for the December bag – they have repeated Just Herbs serum again. Looks like they are clearing out stock.

    1. I totally agree. They are little bundles of joy, though however this month’s bag didn’t bring a smile on my face.

    1. It’s hard to generalize Urvi. Their anniversary box was really good. You can read my review here. But some bags have been average or sub par.

    1. Ah I am glad to hear I chose a good product. I had tried only one product from Votre and I was hoping this would also be good.
      I feel the same way as you, this month’s bag isn’t so great.

    1. I know. It is totally amazing and I love the idea of it. To add it the massage oil will be slightly warm making the whole experience relaxing.

  2. You’ve got to try it out. I am hoping to get nice products in December… end the year with a bang 😀