Fab Bag February 2016 – Love & Madness | Review

Fab Bag February 2016

I recall writing in my January Fab Bag post about how time flies quickly. But this time around time stretched as every day I waited for my Fab bag February 2016 edition to arrive. Days turned into weeks and before I knew it the month was over. I finally received my Fab Bag on March 2nd. It would really be nice if the specific month’s bag arrives in within that month itself. Despite the disappointment of the delay I am happy with the products I have received in my February Fab Bag and here is a late but quick review on what I received.

Fab Bag February 2016

Fab Bag February 2016 Review

The February issue comes with 5 products including 3 full size products and one makeup accessory.

  • Hikari Cosmetics Lip Crayon in Fireside – Rs. 1000/- (Full size)
  • Just Herbs Coorgi Coffee Lip Smoothening Salve – Rs. 345/- for 8gms
  • Divo Eyelash Curler – Rs. 125/-
  • Roots Professional Morocvita Oil – Rs. 2000/- for 120ml
  • Chamki Nail Polish in Nina – Rs. 85/- for 6ml

Let’s have a brief look at the products.

Fab Bag February 2016

Fab Bag February 2016

Hikari Cosmetics Lip Crayon in Fireside (Full Size)

I’m not sure if Fab Bag somehow figured out that I love lip products or if this happened by chance. Hikari Cosmetics Lip Crayon in Fireside is one of the many lip products I have received in my Fab Bag. Earlier I had received Sugar Matte As Hell Crayon Lipstick In Poison Ivy in my December 2015 Fab Bag and I loved it. While both these shade are similar – a maroonish pink shade, they are both very different in texture and feel. I’m looking forward to sporting this gorgeous shade this summer.

Fab Bag February 2016 Hikari Cosmetics Lip Crayon Fireside

Just Herbs Coorgi Coffee Lip Smoothening Salve (Full Size)

Just Herbs Coorgi Coffee Lip Smoothening Salve is a very big name for a lip balm. This balm has the mesmerizing fragrance of coffee. It is very light and spreads on the lips easily. It isn’t insanely moisturizing, but considering summer is here this should work just fine. Do you love coffee and lip balms? Then you got to have Just Herbs Coorgi Coffee Lip Smoothening Salve in your collection.

Fab Bag February 2016 Just Herbs Coorgi Coffee Lip Smoothening Salve

Divo Eyelash Curler

This is the first accessory I am receiving in my Fab Bag. I am not a person who loves using eyelash curlers. I have an insane fear that I would poke or hurt my eye in someway. But I do realize the benefits of this weird contraption and this summer I am going to overcome my fear and curl my lashes to infinity.

Fab Bag February 2016 Divo Eyelash Curler

Roots Professional Morocvita Oil (5 ml sample)

Roots Professional Morocvita Oil is a leave-in-oil that claims to tame frizzy hair, protect from heat and still leave the hair with a glossy effect without being non-sticky or non-greasy. My hair tends to get greasy easily in summers and I avoid using too many leave-in products. The Roots Professional Morocvita Oil sounds quite promising and considering I have short hair this tiny sample bottle will last me a long time.

Buy Roots Professional Morocvita Oil at Amazon.in

Fab Bag February 2016 Roots Professional Morocvita Oil

Chamki Nail Polish in Nina (Full Size)

Chamki is a new brand in my collection. I got the nail polish in the shade Nina which a gorgeous Fuchsia pink. The pink is bright and bound to brighten anyone’s day.

Fab Bag February 2016 Chamki Nail Polish Nina


Despite my February 2016 Fab Bag arriving late I am really happy with the contents I have received. 4 full size products and a gorgeous red pouch is enough to bring a smile on my face. What did you receive in your February Fab Bag?

Overall verdict:  4 / 5

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    1. The delay was totally frustrating. I thought I might not get my bag and due to the delay I didn’t book my March bag either. When the bag did come in March it came with a renewal voucher but that was valid only till Feb 29th. Fail and fail. But the products were good.

    1. You have to try it out Anamika. The products you receive some months are totally amazing and it is surprise as to what you might get. Do give it a try.

    1. I’ve gotten my Fab Bags towards the end of the month, but never the next month. And on the reviews duly noted. I’m trying these products out and the reviews will be up soon 🙂

    1. Thanks Radha. You have to try Fab Bag, the product mix keeps getting better and better. And there is also the sweet surprise of what you might get.

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