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Hair curlers have been in use for several centuries mainly because of the convenience they provide among other benefits. Although they have evolved in design and functionality, their performance and advantages have largely increased. The main benefits of hair curlers are:

1. Fast heating

Hair curlers have a warming arrangement that is designed to heat your hair the evenly when you apply them Hair curlers heat fast and saves time since you do not have to wait for them to heat to begin hairdressing.

2. Even distribution of heat

Typically, hair curlers are thought to have the potential to damage hair since some of them are made of metal, which may heat exceedingly. On the contrary, hair curlers such as iron curlers have been improvised and coated with platinum covers to ensure even heat distribution and protecting your hair from burning or developing scathes. In addition, there is no risk of hair damage.

3. Smooth and Gentle sliding

Most hair curlers are made of metal which gives them a polished surface that smoothly moves through your hair. Thus, they prevent dangling and ensure that your hair is protected from any potential damage. This promotes the formation of a consistent curl

4. User friendly

Most hair curlers are metallic and come with great performance ability suitable for home use and do not require special skills for one to use them. You can use a hair curler independently without the help of anyone or a professional hairdresser. Overall, you can achieve your desired curls in a very short time without leaving your home.

5. Anti-Rust

Since the debut of iron hair curlers, the use of metal in the manufacture of hair products has become quite common. This has posed an overwhelming challenge in handling hair styling products because they tend to be susceptible to corrosion. However, modern hair curlers have been technologically advanced to integrate anti-rust coating for them to last longer without rusting.


Using the wrong hair curler can turn your beautiful, wavy hair into an unpleasant look because the size of a hair curler significantly matters. While curling your hair, you ought to appreciate that hair curlers come in different sizes and there are specific sizes which work well for different types of hair.

Therefore you cannot achieve impressive curls if you pick a hair curler that does not fit your hair type. For instance, if you have fine hair and aiming at a look that will deliver beach waves or loose curls the actual hair curler, in this case, is a 1-2 inch in size. However, if you desire some smaller tight ringlets, you should pick a hair curler of 0.75inch diameter.

Once you have established what size is the perfect fit for your hair, the next consideration in choosing a hair curler (http://www.10greatest.com/best-hair-curlers/)  to look out for is the heat setting control feature.

Hair curlers come in different models and these two main types that are quite the choice for a great experience. Ceramic and tourmaline irons are the preferred choice since they have virtually no negative impact on the health of your hair and both have a temperature control feature. This feature allows you to control the dispersion of heat effectively.

Another important factor to consider in choosing what hair curlers to use is their shapes. A hair curler with narrow upper ends and thick bottom ends qualifies as an ideal choice especially in delivering small high precision curls. They also create evenly sized curls of great versatility and professional appeal.

If you are new to using hair curlers, they also come in different materials, especially the barrel part. It is not only important but also the definitive factor in choosing a hair curler. Basically, there are three materials namely, ceramic, tourmaline and platinum. Hair curlers with a barrel made of ceramic material are popular for their ability to create smooth curls which allow your hair to easily release without tangling. They are also effective in even heat distribution throughout the length of the barrel. Additionally, they are scratch-resistant and inexpensive.

Hair curlers with barrels made of tourmaline material are ideal for all types of hair because they have a moderate heat release mechanism that is unique to this material and effective across the spectrum of all hair type.

Lastly, the hair curlers that feature a barrel made of titanium material are really the best when compared to the aforementioned materials. They have the most efficient conduction and distribution of heat which makes them the best hairdressing hair curlers for coarse and densely thick hair.

A hair curler with a titanium barrel leaves your hair crease-free and stronger since it seals the hair’s natural oils and moisture while heating it. Therefore, determining what material your hair curler should be will ultimately lead you to the best choice possible from the wide range of hair curlers available.


Hair curlers are every woman’s companion in changing hair styles. Modern day women need to change their hairstyles quite often to match different occasions. Therefore, owning a hair curler is an obvious necessity. Hair curlers present women with a flexible approach to styling their hair to express their faces in an intuitive way.

First, a hair curler is a curling wand with a straight barrel plugged into a power outlet. It has a clamp which holds hair once it has been wrapped around the barrel.

Learning how to use a hair curler is quite easy and you can become perfect at it after some practice in curling hair sets and wrapping it in the clamp Although there are different ways to use a hair curler, the most important element involves adjusting the curling iron. Brush your hair thoroughly to ensure it has no tangles. Apply a heat protectant to form a buffer between your hair and the iron.

First, you need to heat up the curling iron to about 320-430 degrees Celsius depending on whether you want fine or thicker curls. Hold the curling iron vertically such that you have its clasp facing forward. Take the clamp and hold about 1 to 2 inches section of your hair halfway up.

Curl your hair outward and away from your face all the way to its root. Hold your hair for 7-12 seconds with the clasp to achieve a fine curl for your hair texture. Gently release the clasp slightly and roll the curling iron down to its end. Repeat this simple procedure over and over until you achieve the desired look.

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