Don’t Judge Me


We live in a world where we are constantly judged. We are judged on the colour of our skin, the way we walk, the way we talk, the way we dress. And a lot of times we are judged for who we are! People have their opinions and if you don’t conform to the set ideals on their minds you are outcast and pointed fingers at. As much as I hate it this is the world we live in. I wish I could say this isn’t real, but that would be a lie. But I do wish we change, that everyone changes, and accepts everyone for who they are no matter the way they look.

The month of March was all about girl power and the days leading up to Women’s day were the most inspirational part of my Facebook feed. All the love, support and encouragement was truly wonderful. While I was enjoying the positivity I got to be a part of something bigger in the form of a instagram campaign which was initiated by Krupa of ishtyleawhile. Her concept revolved around breaking the barriers and not being judged by what we wear.

We all love ethnic wear and we all love our jeans as well. And while our outfit is determined by the occasion, our character is not. People have this perception that women in salwars are considered to be more homely while those in shorts are out of their league. Lets change that, shall we? Why are we being judged based upon what we wear? It is time to break out of the mould – Krupa, Ishtyleawhile

I was ecstatic to be a part of the campaign. While the campaign may have ended the girl power hasn’t. I am very proud of every women out there who isn’t afraid to be who she is and extra hugs and kisses to all my fellow bloggers who were part of the campaign.

Don't Judge Me
Top Row | L to R: bareberryblush & handonthehip
Bottom Row | L to R: voguishlychic & fashionandfrappes
Don't Judge Me
Top Row | L to R: thattrip_e_urbanlife & sartorialsecrets
Bottom Row | L to R: mutedthreads & nehavinekar
Don't Judge Me
Top Row | L to R: sindhujp & beautynyxblog & thesmalltownblogger
Bottom Row | L to R: prettypolka89 & thecorsetcloset & makeupmartini112

#DontJudgeMeByMyStyle  #IAxBloggersOfIndia #IAAllAboutWomen

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  1. I can’t agree more. It upsets me a lot when others try to judge me with just a few incidents. But it no more bothers me. Whenever we are passing rude/inappropriate comment on others, we are actually exposing our own darkness in heart. This is a great initiative.

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