Derma Roller System

Let’s start about talking about my skin and hair and how I was introduced to dermarolling. My skin is very sensitive and loves to breakout. Not only does it breakout easily it also scars a lot. There was a stage during my college days when I had a bad allergic reaction to a facial and my face broke out a lot. I was told to just wait it out and that the breakouts would go away. The acne did vanish, however, it left behind some nasty ice pick scars and this overall made the texture of my skin bad. I wasn’t sure what to do about it, neither did I had enough money to go in for treatments. Fast forward to the future, I finally made a visit to a dermatologist who suggested getting dermarolling session to help boost natural collagen production and thereby making the scars look not so scar like. I had 2 sessions done at the dermatologists office using a 1.5mm dermaroller and there definitely was improvement in the way my skin looked.

Coming to my hair – I have rather scanty hair, this is a hereditary condition and further due to stress and constant changing water my hair fall tends to be heavy. It may seem rather trivial, but it is very hard looking in the mirror and seeing some much of the scalp showing through and the amount of hair you lose after just combing the hair. I was suggested a combination of treatments along with dermarolling to aid in hair growth. You can read about my hair loss story here. Soon after I started the treatment I had to move out of the country and the dermatologist suggested doing dermarolling for the scalp so that the hair fall situation stays under control and doesn’t become bad. I haven’t been the most regular with it. However, in my experience it definitely helps reduce the hair fall.



Dermaroller is a device with tiny needles and comes in various sizes starting from 0.2mm. The dermaroller creates micro superficial injuries on the skin which causes blood to rush there and thereby boost collagen production. For the skin dermarolling can help smooth wrinkles / fine lines, raise depressed scars, improve skin firmness etc. Depending on your skin / hair requirements you would need to choose a dermaroller accordingly. Rollers with needle length more than 0.5 mm needs to used under the supervision of a medical practitioner and requires numbing cream so that you don’t feel too much pain. Dermarollers with needle length between 0.2mm to 0.3mm work best to help penetrate skin care products into the skin. Rollers of 0.5mm work on uplifting light scarring. Higher size dermarollers work best for deep scars, hair growth etc.
Derma Roller System


  • Ensure that the surface you want to use the roller on is clean and without any product
  • Soak the dermaroller in a solution of surgical spirit for about 5 minutes to disinfect
  • Hold the skin taut and start rolling
  • Roll on skin / hair horizontally, vertically & diagonally
  • Roll over the same area for a maximum of 5 times
  • You can choose to use serums on rolled skin as your skin can absorb the products better


  • Always ensure your dermaroller is disinfected and the area of rolling is clean
  • Do not share dermaroller with anyone
  • Do not roll over breakouts or acne
  • Don’t forget to use sunscreen as your skin will be more susceptible to sun damage
  • For frequency of dermarolling check with your doctor as they can analyze your skin and suggest accordingly
  • Change dermarollers every 2-3 months


I received a kit from dermaroller system to try out and share my experience.
Derma Roller System
The dermaroller kit from Derma Roller System comes in a plastic carry on box and the dermaroller in a sealed plastic pouch. I like that the pouch ensure that the product is not used or tampered with and the carry box makes it easy to store and travel. The dermaroller comes with a cap to ensure the needles do not get damaged during storage. I quite like the packaging and how simple and thoughtful it is. There is also a small instruction pamphlet on how to use the dermaroller along with dos and dont’s.
Derma Roller System
Coming to usage I have used the roller about 3 times so far with the space of 10-15 days between treatments. I prefer to use this roller on my skin and not my hair as I feel the width of the roller is rather tiny to feel comfortable to use on the scalp and it would take way too long to cover the entire scalp. Over the few uses I noticed that the plastic head portion of the roller started staining due to the disinfectant – I’m not sure if this is something to worry about but I am glad the the needles did not rust and are of good quality.
Along with the dermaroller I was also sent a Vitamin C serum however, I just stuck to using a hyaluronic acid serum that I had. There was also a collagen sheet mask which I quite liked using. I usually have issue with the size of sheet masks being rather big, but the Dermaroller System sheet mask fit me decently well and it was soaked in serum. The mask left my skin feeling hydrated and plump.
Derma Roller System
Overall my experience has been good, but to know the really result it will take about 2-3 months to show proper result. Keep watching this space as I will update my before and after images as well.

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