Most Common Hair Care Problems During Summer in India

India is famous for a lot of things including its summer. Indian summers are hot, humid, and rough as well as damaging especially when it comes to hair. The heat in summers is at such a level that it can burn the hair and leave it damaged for long and in some cases forever. Hence it becomes ideal to know what kind of damages the summers can place on our hair.

Most Common Hair Care Problems During Summer in India

The scorching heat and the dangerous UV rays of the sun can damage your hair in several ways which are listed here:

  • Burnt hair: Just like our skin, our hair too gets burnt due to heavy impact of scorching summer rays. It then becomes rough and dry
  • Split Ends: Excessive heat burns out the protein which nourishes the hair and causes split ends
  • Sun burn: Like body skin, hairs too have scalps which get burnt in summers if exposed too much to sun. This results in dry scalps
  • Loosening of hair roots: If not moisturized well, the hair roots get dried up and start eroding. This results in hair loss as well. Hair loss also happens due to unusual secretion hair growth regulating hormones
  • Greasy scalps: Since the hormonal activity increases during summers, the scalps can also become greasy

All these problems affect our peace of mind and add unnecessary stress to already stressful life. But worry no more, we may not realize but the possible solution to all these hair issues are right there in our homes. We just have to find out what are they:

  • Curd: Applying curd in the hair scalps cleans the scalps, gives it a soothing effect and cools down the burnt scalp. It can also stop the hair fall
  • Hair oiling: Massaging hair scalps with warm oil has multiple benefits. It not only increases the blood flow, it also keeps the hair roots strong, keeps the scalps moisturized and prevents hair fall by a great extent
  • Aloe Vera juice: This citrus fruit juice or pulp can help keep the scalps moist, keeps the hair soft and propels hair growth. A dry scalp due to sun burn triggers rapid hair fall
  • Drink lots of water: Water keeps the body hydrated and subsequently keeps the hair follicles moist and stable in order to prevent hair fall. Ensure drinking a lot of water along with fruit juices.
  • Proper food habit: It is imperative to eat healthy food including green vegetables, eggs, milk, etc. The body needs all the minerals and proteins to keep the hair stable and healthy.
  • Hair care products: Avoid using hair products high on chemical content. If possible use shampoos meant for kids as they are low on chemical content

Let’s face it, hair is one of the most important shields as well as a decorative element of the human body. It needs utmost care to remain healthy and well preserved. Bad hair can cause serious damage to the confidence levels too. So some of these tips and precautionary measures would help in keep the hair healthy in summers or otherwise:

  • Always wear a hat or a cap before venturing into the sun. A scarf would also be handy
  • Avoid using too many chemicals. That can further damage the already reeling hair in summers
  • Use head cap while swimming as the pool water is chlorinated and can make the hair rough. After the swimming session, don’t forget to wash your hair with fresh water and shampoo
  • Stay away from blow driers as it heats up the hair and can damage them
  • Drink lot of fluid to keep yourself hydrated
  • Use good conditioners and sun screen products after doing a personal review on them
  • Keep the greasy hair gels away during the day, it can damage your hair combined with summer heat
  • Avoid eating oily food as well

Summers can be excruciating for hair, causing hair loss in men as well as women.It is essential to keep the hair healthy and hydrated during all seasons especially summers. Kaya realizes this very well. We aim to assist you in keeping good hair days for long and help you out in every possible way. We have a wide range of hair care products and hair loss treatment built according to your needs. Visit our website to experience the wave of great hair care products and enjoy good hair days, forever.

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