Clinique Even Better Concealer | Review

Clinique Even Better Concealer

Have you ever played join the dots or woken up with a panda eye. I do. Every single day. I don’t like it, and it is not going to go away over night. While I’m trying to make efforts to make my face look flawless and not have any dark circles, I need to do some damage control and what better way than to use concealers. One of the concealers I have been reaching for more often is the Clinique Even Better Concealer.

Clinique Even Better Concealer

My Experience with Clinique Even Better Concealer

Clinique Even Better Concealer comes in a simple non-fuzzy tiny tub packaging. I have the concealer in the shade Almond that is a medium shade from the range. The concealer has yellow orange undertones, which helps balance out the darkness underneath my eyes. Clinique Even Better Concealer has a creamy texture, which blends effortlessly into the skin. Don’t forget to use a moisturizer first to aid in easier blending. The concealer also has a great coverage and can be built to full coverage.

Clinique Even Better Concealer

Clinique Even Better Concealer

I use this concealer to cover acne marks, dark circles and it works well. My dark circles are very bad and I prefer using an orange corrector like the Kryolan Brush on concealer in an orange shade, and then top up with the Clinique Even Better Concealer. If your dark circles aren’t bad you can easily skip the corrector. In the swatch below I have used the concealer on my dark circles without any corrector and you see it still performs an amazing job. The only con I can see is that the availability is only in Clinique outlets which aren’t many and the price. But this bad boy will last a very very long time and is worth every penny you spend.

Clinique Even Better Concealer in Almond

Clinique Even Better Concealer Before & After

The Good

  • Medium to high coverage (buildable)
  • Creamy texture that blends easily
  • Long lasting
  • Doesn’t streak
  • A little goes a very long way
  • Small compact packaging
  • Didn’t break out my sensitive skin

The Bad

  • Not as easily available
  • Some may find it expensive

Overall verdict:  4.5 / 5

Price: Approx Rs. 1600/- for 3.5 gms

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    1. I got this about a year back. Didn’t know it was continued. This is one of the best concealers I have tried till date. Really hope it’s not discontinued.

    1. I’ve explored their makeup range but not their skin care. I have the concealer and foundation from the Even Better series and both are totally wonderful.

    1. Oh my.. didn’t know about this. Now I have to hunt for another concealer that is as good as this.

    1. I love the result of this. I sometimes that this gives better coverage than my MAC studio fix concealer.

    1. It can definitely hide the pesky dark circles. If yours are very bad like mine I would suggest using a corrector first for better results.

    1. I checked out Clinique counter in Lifestyle this weekend and they mentioned they were out of stock. Need to check Clinique outlets to be sure. I really hope they haven’t discontinued the product.

    1. I have 2 products from Clinique and I love them both. Guess it’s time for me to explore their brand.

  1. wohaa..that is such a huge difference with the product on.. I really like concealers which have good pigmentation… I am eyeing this one 😛

    1. Its totally amazing Purva. Do try to get your hands on this concealer.
      Do you have any favourite concealer?

    1. But this is one area where I think we need to splurge a bit because the end result is just amazing.

  2. That was a very detailed review, I’ll surely try this concealer by Clinique. Glad it lived up to the promise.


    Style.. A Pastiche!

    1. Thanks Chaicy. Do let me know how it works on you.
      What is your favourite concealer at the moment?

    1. I wanted to try their 3 step skincare set. But the trial kit itself isn’t as cheap. I have their foundation as well and it is wonderful.

    1. I wish for the same Anamika. If possible I’m going to try and get a backup. Btw is the oriflame concealer good at hiding deep dark circles?

  3. wow it looks super natural on you 🙂 looks much diff in before and after result. i would love to try this

    1. Aww.. very sweet of your Khushi. But what I have are actually panda eyes and not in the good way 😀

    1. If you find it somewhere do let me know. Some readers stated that Clinique seems to have discontinued the product. Really hope that isn’t the case.
      Also which corrector do you use. I would like to try out a few other brands as well.

      1. I live in Australia, so I thought may be I would find it here but as I was searching online, I couldn’t see it anywhere ☹️

          1. Oh thanks :). Actually I was thinking to buy from a store coz it’s hard to get the right shade online. But will have a look there.

  4. Wow! The difference in the pictures is remarkable. I was using Maybelline concealer. Will surely try this one out next time.

    1. The Maybelline ones are very mild for my dark circles. This is amazingly heavy duty and super easy to work with as well.

    1. I’m going to check out in the Clinique store this weekend. I really hope it isn’t. If it is I’m going to buy it online, I wouldn’t mind spending extra to get it.

    1. I tried the Maybelline Fit Me Concealers. But unfortunately even the darkest shade was too light on my skin tone.

    1. I’ve tried the Bobbi Brown one. I have very deep dark circles and the coverage provided wasn’t enough. I’m next looking to try Nars which I’ve heard works on deep dark circles well.