Bridal Trends To Look Out For 2018

Bridal Trends

As we say goodbye to 2017, we remember bridal trends that were cutting edge. We saw a wide range of trends beginning with modest A-lined gowns to barely there gowns of lace. The step into 2018 will take the edgy gowns of last year to a new level.

You will see a few hints of the 2017 styles but the evolution of the trends is obvious. Let’s have a look at what bridal experts are seeing in the world of fashion.

Bridal Trends
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Jackets, Capes, Sleeves, and Sweaters

The wedding “cover-up” is the hottest trend of the year. Spring and fall brides will be wearing capes, jackets, shawls, and sweaters. Bridesmaids will wear sleeves. While your mind may take you to a place of modesty, that is not always the case.

You will see brides in sheer capes. Some will attach around the neck and cover the front and back of the bride. Others will be lace and will go only around the shoulders. Jackets and sweaters are hot and you will see everything from cream leather to embroidery.

Ostrich feathers and faux fur will also make an appearance. Some brides will use dark colors (navy, metal, or black) for their cover-ups, many will stay within the range of white that they wear. Expect to see the lightest shade of pink on the bridesmaids of 2018.

Bridal Trends
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Barely There

The sheer gown made of lace is not going anywhere so soon. This shocking design made its appearance in the bridal showrooms of 2017, and it is holding strong. The gown is sheer and delicate lace-work covers only the essentials. Of course, this gown needs to be custom-made for the bride in order to have a perfect fit. (An imperfect fit can cause some major embarrassment when a bride is wearing all lace.)

White is always an option, but most brides choosing this style will go with ivory or nudes.  The sheer bridal cape is often added to the sheer gown for the illusion of coverage.

While most brides who choose this look are very confident in their bodies, there are options for brides who have particular body issues (such as adding a layer of fabric designed to hold in the tummy. Bridal gown experts do some amazing things with these gowns.

Bridal Trends
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In keeping with the sexy season, bridesmaids (and some brides) will opt for the very short mini-dress. Longer sleeves and higher necklines give the short hem a good balance. Another option we are seeing for the coming year is the two-piece shirt and top with a bit of skin showing between the two.  This allows for another trend which is swapping the skirt for pants at the reception.

The mini dress is perfect for the tight skirt. However, you will see a lot of bridesmaids in full skirts with layers of fabric. With the mini dress, wedding colors are swinging from very dark colors to very light colors. The mid-range is taking a rest this year.

Bridal Trends
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Pants and Jumpsuits

On the other end of the spectrum, look for more brides to wear formal pants and tops that float just above the waist. The one-piece jumpsuit is also going to make its way down the aisle. The style is loose and flowing with a lot of silky fabrics. This bride will usually wear champagne or cream. Grey and very light blue will sometimes be paired with this for a more formal look.

Making it easy

Finally, the bridal parties of 2018 are looking for ways to simplify their weddings. They are paying more attention to the reception and honeymoon and want a less complicated ceremony.

Wedding registries have been so hot for the last few years, that they are accepted as the norm. But brides and grooms are utilizing more traditional registries for wedding gift wants. A good example of this more traditional yet up-to-date registry is the Target Wedding Registry  – Blueprint Registry.  The gifting options are wide and guests enjoy the ease of shopping for wanted gifts from their home or phone.

You will see easier hairstyles with a more natural look on both brides and bridesmaids. Having hair treated and trimmed throughout the month makes for more beautiful hair on the big day.

It is no secret that gel nails are the hottest trend in fashion. These nails last up to two weeks and they are beautiful. The bridal party can have their nails done the weekend before the wedding and they will still look picture perfect on the wedding day. This frees up a lot of time just before the wedding. Having low maintenance hair and nails relieves the bride of a lot of wedding day stress. Click here for info

As you can see, the brides of 2018 are going to make a big impact. There is a fashion trend for the most modest bride, the boldest bride, and everything in between. The floral trends of 2017 which called for big blooms and fully opened roses are holding strong. We expect the coming year to show up in wedding portfolios for many seasons to come. It looks to be a trend-setting and exciting season.


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  1. Gowns can be easily adapted for the wedding but pants and jumpsuits might be a difficult choice. Thanks for sharing such a unique idea. Your posts are always great.

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