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Body Shop Coconut Oil

Oil is hair’s elixir. It’s food for hair and provides necessary nourishment to make it healthy and shiny. Coconut oil is a favourite among many for maintaining healthy hair. Read below to find out if The Body Shop Coconut Oil works wonders.

According to Body Shop “This luxuriously silky oil melts effortlessly into your hair creating the perfect overnight, leave-in, pre-wash treatment or the optimal nourishing accompaniment to scalp massage.

  • Reveals hair that is strong, soft, and shiny with a healthy scalp.
  • Light fragrance
  • Certified with Eco-Conscious Standards
  • Paraben Free, Silicone Free, Colourant Free”

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My Experience with The Body Shop Coconut Oil

The Body Shop Coconut Oil is a luxurious lightweight moisturizing oil. While it is on the expensive side, I have absolutely loved using this oil. The oil is very light and a dream to massage into the scalp. I have noticed that my hair becomes smooth and shiny after an overnight treatment. It has a very simple easy to use packaging and you can see how much of the product is left over. My hair overall feels healthy when I use this oil.

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The Body Shop Coconut Oil has a mild coconut like fragrance. While it is light it is different from other coconut oils and some may not like the smell. The coconut oil made my hair healthy, but didn’t help much with hair growth. But I must say there was a slight reduction in hair fall. I was a little skeptical seeing the cost, it seemed a lot for coconut hair oil. But I am glad I tried, and I can say this with confidence that this is a product definitely worth trying. If you wish read more about The Body Shop hair care products click here.

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The Good

  • Very light weight
  • Makes hair shiny & smooth
  • Works well as over-night treatment and for regular use
  • Paraben free, Silicone free, Colourant free
  • Easy to use packaging
  • Mild coconut fragrance

The Bad

  • Quite expensive for hair oil
  • Some may not like the smell

Overall verdict:  4 / 5

Price: Rs. 695/- for 200 ml

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