Bleu Beaute Retinol Serum | Review

bleu beaute retinol serum

It is usually said that prevention is better than cure. I’m in my 20s’ (ehhh almost 30) and I decided it was time for me to start including a few anti-aging products in my skincare routine. Having heard about serums and retinol based serums in general I added Bleu Beaute Retinol Serum to my pamper skin routine.

The product claims to “High potency anti-aging moisturizing serum with Retinol 2.5% (Vitamin A), Botanical Hyaluronic Acid and Phospholipids. Soften and heal your skin, boost collagen and elastin production, reduce fine lines and hyperpigmentation.

Apply a small amount to face, neck and décolleté. Allow it to dry. For best results use morning and night.

bleu beaute retinol serum

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My Experience with Bleu Beaute Retinol Serum

I like giving products a good chance before I make up my mind. I started using this serum when my face was in a stable state – no breakouts, no random bumps popping up, just my usual bazillion acne scars. The first day I tried Bleu Beaute Retinol Serum I loved the way my skin instantly felt – the serum got absorbed into my skin easily, it had a very mild fragrance that didn’t irritate my nose. The pump packaging was easy to use; the serum also nourished my skin well. The first impression was good. I was happy and went to sleep peaceful. All of this turned around the next day when I noticed a couple of bumps on my face. I decided to give this a serum the benefit of the doubt and used it again. The day after I noticed more bumps and tiny pimples. I decided to stop using the serum and in a week my skin returned to normal. One week passed and I gave this serum one last shot, and shocker it was just the serum that broke me out. I had more bumps and pimples on my face.

bleu beaute retinol serum

Overall, this product seemed to not fit my sensitive acne prone skin in anyway. Anyone who has a similar skin type needs to be weary and use this product with caution. Have you used any retinol-based products? Do let yes know in the comments below.

bleu beaute retinol serum

The Good

  • Pump dispenser makes it easy to dispense the right amount of product
  • Moisturizes skin to certain level
  • Has a very mild fragrance
  • Easy available on
  • Gets absorbed into the skin easily
  • Can be used under makeup

The Bad

  • Broke me out – people with sensitive skin use this with caution
  • No brightening effect or glowing look
  • Did not help with lightening scars in anyway
  • Expensive

Overall verdict:  2.5 / 5

Price: Now available $17.95 for 2 fl oz (discounted from $34.95)

Available on Amazon


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    1. This serum managed to damage my skin quite easily in just a few days.. I hope no one else has to go through my experience with this serum.

    1. I am using another retinol based serum now and it is really working well for my skin. I guess it is a bit of a battle trying to find one that works well for you.

    1. I like the Just Herbs serum, it is lightweight and amazing. I suggest giving the Kama Ayurveda Kumkumadi Tailam a try – it worked really well for my sensitive acne prone skin.

    1. I’ve been using a few serum on & off but I feel like I need to get into the game full on. Are there any serums you would recommend for someone with acne prone skin?