The Beauty of the Ethereal Saree 

The Beauty of the Ethereal Saree 

There are moments in our life that are so beautiful that they never fade from our memories. Some of my fondest memories have been with my three childhood friends and the one that stands out the most is the first time we wore a saree

Yes, that’s right. This is the story of the first time I wore a saree. This story happened a long time back when my friends and I were mere 10-12 year olds and for some unknown reason we decided that we were going to celebrate the holiday by wearing our favourite saree from our mom’s closet. Back in those days raiding my mom’s closet was the same as spending hours on any online shopping portal. Every inch of my mom’s closet was filled with yards and yards of beautiful saree in every colour imaginable.

I remember very excitedly telling my mom “Ammaaaa, I want a wear a saree!” She was both shocked and excited, but she let me do the most fun thing – attack her closet and find the saree I wanted to wear. I pulled out a pretty navy blue silk cotton saree and said, “This is the one! Amma I want to wear this!” I was so thin and tiny that my mom had a difficult time tying the saree. We didn’t have time to figure out the blouse so I ended up wearing a pavadai sattai as the in-skirt and blouse. Looking back at the picture all I can think of is how silly I looked, but to the 10-year-old me that was the most fun I had in ages and it felt wonderful wearing something my mom loved too.

The Beauty of the Ethereal Saree 

Being someone who is extra clumsy I have worn the saree on only a handful of times, but every occasion I wore it to has been extra special. But the most memorable saree I have worn will definitely be the saree I wore on my wedding day when my husband and I said, “I do” and made a commitment to stand beside each other no matter what. It’s been a couple of years since my wedding and every now and then I take out my wedding saree and get lost in its beauty.

A lot of times people have asked me why I don’t wear a saree as often – to them, I just smile and say that the saree has been with me through every memorable moment of my life and it will always be by my side for beautiful memories to come.

To all those people out there rocking a saree Hi5 to you and to the rest of the world who haven’t experienced this beauty yet you are definitely missing out on a memorable experience. Let’s not forget all the fun accessories you get to adorn with a saree. Whether you are shopping at a store or on online shopping portals remember that the saree is almost like an empty canvas for you to paint your style and moments on.

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  1. This post definitely brings back memories where every little girl wanted to were her mother’s saree..I think we have all grown up in that phase of life..One of the most memorable moment of my childhood too 🙂

  2. Sarees are essential part of every ladies closet and mine is full because being a marwari I have to wear it

  3. this is the best blog I read today! Took me back to the time when I wore a saree for the first time! “attack her closet and find the saree I wanted to wear” bleh-heh, been there, done that!

  4. Down the memory lane! You look so cute and adorable in that picture. Lovely days na!

  5. You look soooo beautiful in the saree dear.. tiny you! I too can’t carry myself without falling when I wear a saree but I love it

    1. I tend to trip and fall a lot and with sarees that increases exponentially. The same applies to lehengas and skirts as well. But I do love the saree.

  6. Enjoyed reading this post Sangeeta! You reminded me of my childhood school function days! Ahh…such fun memories! By the way, which one are you? The one in blue saree?

  7. You look adorable… I love sarees and every girl borrows her first saree from her mom… So many beautiful memories… You reminded me of my childhood…

  8. I love to wear saree, and I’m very much comfortable in Indian Ethnic Wear. As a shopaholic, I prefer to buy from an online store.